Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Relax Create Sell


Today, I had some little unexpected visitors, my daughter and grandson's. I love these moments of spontaneity, life surprises, all things of the heart. Spending time in the garden digging for grubs to give to the girl's. Peaceful, blissful moments a reminder how precious life is and how these moments will represent who I am when they are grown.

At first, it was a bit of a shock and surprise to them all in one package. The oldest Mr. W caught on real fast he is a lover of animals...especially dinosaur's. Mr H. in the background preferred to just follow the girl's (orplington chick's) around. The experience had them captivated all afternoon tending to and following the girl's.

The evening is ending with me crocheting a blanket pattern by, Kate Eastman, of Just Pootling. I love her Instagram page and blog. Her patterns are simple yet beautiful she has a way with yarn. This is going to be her star baby blanket. I was looking for a simple pattern something that didn't take much concentration. A smooth rhythm was what I needed, at this time, when a friend who has cancer is on my mind a lot. A simple single crochet over 91 stitches can be found here. I am using Cascade Avalon in silver.

And finally, I have these two Mermaid Pillowcases ready to sell. They are brand new. There is a delicate scroll design on the fabric which is Unbleached Osanburg. Fabric was pre-washed, they are 20" by 26" standard pillowcase's. The Mermaid Ruffle is 11" long sewn with french seams.

This is how it will lay once filled with a pillow and how the Osanburg fabric appears. They're a set if you're interested leave a comment. I will be selling them through my Paypal account, can send an invoice. The price is 39.95 for the two, of course, plus shipping which would be priority 6.50. They will come packaged in clear cello sleeve with care instructions attached. There will be more pillowcases available throughout the year.
Thank you dear friends, for passing through to visit my post. It's so appreciated.