Everything Lavender


In the spring of 2012, taking half the acre of land where I plant organic veggies, I began planting and growing 4 different types of Lavender. The aroma from the mix is absolutely amazing.
Here you will find at Everything Lavender....home grown dried Lavender, embroider Lavender items, which can be purchased. Since the plants started from babies last year and did quite well...I am looking forward to this season as the plants will be much larger and producing more lavender.


I have taken the lavender that the plants produced last summer and have made some all natural organic lavender vegan body soap. 
 Pure SLS free a natural homemade soap with NO synthetic preservatives, gluten free, cruelty free, means no additives simply all natural.

UPDATE 3/29/13

Growing Lavender is one of the toughest plants to grow from seedling. It's mostly done from cuttings of a full grown plant. I've tried a few times without much luck. They require cold conditions from seedling and they love close root quarters. This is Lady Lavender one that is recommended to the North Eastern climates of the U.S. for me I do what I want and have had success with all types of Lavender. It just takes a lot of care. So far I have 4 plants that have survived to 3" this is not saying they will survive. This time they are getting lots and lots of light which so far seems to be working. Only time will tell...however since some of my plants outside will be 1 to 2 years old I will be taking cuttings for next season.

UPDATE - 04/25/13

Well I still have two lavender plants that have survived growing from seedling. I am so happy as being so hard to grow from seedling this year so far I have been successful. Although I won't hold my breath things can change at any time.

Although still very fragile they are about 4" tall and green. Oh, the smell of the entire plant is amazing. It doesn't need the flowers to offer it's lavender scent. I made sure to support the fragile stem as you can see. I had to be so careful doing so the stem is no larger than a thread of string.
I'm just over the top two are still moving along.

 UPDATE - 07/23/03

The lavender is still hanging and drying out beautifully... Those who stop by just love the smell of my home. Of course just like most smell it's hard to notice when you smell it all day. Ones nose just gets use to it. I am quite excited August is when cutting can be taken to grow my own lavender plants.

UPDATE 10/31/13

Despite a strange season with everything still looking green (which is truly not normal for our area)my lavender seems to be doing fine. Although a bit confused by the temp changes even now near 70, it's been blooming off and on, when the season for it's blooming end is normally in August, a time when pruning takes place... which I did. This is a photograph I took before mulching underneath to help them survive our Eastern winter, which can be very cold and snowy.
The Lavender on the right are a little over a year, while the ones on the left are the new ones, planted this past spring. Next spring I will add 12, if not more, as I continue to fill in the area for locals to come and enjoy the field. They will be able to cut lavender or just enjoy a walk through the lavender field. A field that once was a huge organic garden as taken on a new life.
I still planted veggies and next season will be making cold frames to better control the bugs, and cute rabbits, which seem to be growing in numbers every season.

 Update 2014 Season

 As of last year I now have three rows of Lavender, as you can see it's grown quite a lot. I've been getting a good amount of lavender from all the plants, selling, and storing a lot. I purchase every February new young plants. even though I can take cuttings from the old, which I need to start doing as there are plenty now that will reproduce. The varieties I carry are Hidcote Blue, Lady Lavender,  English Lavender, and Munstead Lavender all which I love. I've made a point to add 6 every season. Currently there are 21 plants. I've added a few from local greenhouses in the area. This year I am going to begin offering the lavender for sale here on my blog. If you're interested be sure to follow my blog for when it's available.