Thursday, May 4, 2017

Recycle Create Crochet

It all started with those two little birds, and me, wanted to give them more room than they had. I have a soft heart for all things in this world. With that said, this whole things started on just one glance and thinking wait a minute, that would be awesome. I can't say I sketched a real plan as I didn't kinda went with the flow of idea's. I would have done a few things different in my creative ventures my first attempt is not always my best. And that's okay for me. What I would do the next time is cut out a door on the side of the shelf, (this is a Ikea white shelf) secondly, backing myself in a corner I did all the decorating after. I really believe I was keeping myself extra busy, as my friend with cancer had brain surgery Monday and all turned out well. I tend to create, eat chocolate when I am dealing with emotional times, and that's okay...I love Chocolate.

The girl's in the cage before, they really needed more room.

First I found some old molding in the garage just enough to fit the sides perfectly, of course, cutting them to size. Bought brand new silver screen cut to size stapled around the area I chose pulling tight similar to reupholstering an ottoman. After I nailed the molding down both sides, followed by furring strips for only 29 cents each to cover the stapling on top shelf and bottom. Before I stapled the bottom screen to the shelf I made a door, actually made two similar. Put one on the inside of the screen one on the outside. The first one I applied Gorilla Glue attached to the screen, then I did the same thing to the outside on, putting them together, sandwiching the screen in between. Took some wood clips pinned them around let it dry overnight. I then cut the screen out, did like the white door as it stuck out like a sore thumb, so I cut a screen to size attached it with command Velcro picture hanging stripes in white. I love it, each to take off and put back on...  

And the birds, are really enjoying the extra room. Even thinking of adding one maybe two more. Oh, and I used eyelet screws to attach swing and toys. I still have many idea's for the inside will post after changes. 

I also kept promising to photograph this sweater...I call it the Toddler Boyfriend Sweater. This is a T 2 my grand daughter Emma tried it on last year it was adorable, however her mom wanted it to cover her little bubble tush. I didn't get around to adding on to it..bad grandma LOL!

The darker blue one in the color Ocean is what I am currently working on...actually I've been working on the bird cage and chicken coop it was an old outhouse, (yes still standing) needed a small door, some roost, and getting ready to add nesting boxes. Today I am really happy it's raining which means I get a break, a long deserved one.


I've been letting the girl's free range and they love not so much it's raining a lot.

The baby Bantam's are doing well in with the big girl's and the Cochin they think is their mother. It's  just way too cute. That's what's happening on this Empty Nester's week. Hope yours is going very well too.