Monday, August 12, 2013

Love Miles Away...Stitch After Stitch

When I first started crocheting this half double shawl I knew for sure it was something I was going to find lots of use in wearing this fall...
Then one night nearly 2 months ago I was watching the News and saw something that hit me harder than anything has in a long time.
I am a humanitarian by nature...most go through life wondering what it is they are suppose to be doing, why they are here, what is there purpose. For me it's always been easy to understand but not as easy to apply. Through the years of marriage and raising children I was preoccupied with life doing what everyone said to do...get married, buy the house, the cars, and have the kids. It wasn't until it was always over that my personal cause emerged.
The beginning of being human with a real self purpose knew what she wanted to do but not where...I had seen all the commericals, sponsor a child, feed the world, etc....but none struck me quite like this story I just knew just like when you birth a child and meet them for the first time, you just knew it was a love of a life time. That human baby you never meant but carried 9 months you just knew...the power of love. It's how it felt the night I just happened to change the channel and see a group of children of all ages, homeless, no parents, only a teacher who was once a doctor, quit his job in the U.S. and headed to Soweto, South Africa, to help these children he himself had heard about.
In Soweto these children go to school, his school, his name Jose. Everyday he teaches children of all ages, hungry, children wearing dirty clothes and not feed wondering the streets. Children who lost both parents to Aids. Amazed at every second I watched, small children getting one meal a day never ask for another when finished, knowing there were others waiting behind them.
I knew the why I crocheted this shawl..with every stitch I had a tug of heart, somehow I knew it just belonged somewhere else I just didn't know where...until that night.
Nearly finished the shawl will make it's way to Soweto, South Africa on a cold night I will feel a connect to the soul it warms. In Soweto, temperatures in the winter months reach as low as 35 degrees most children, and young teens have nothing to wear to keep themselves warm, hat's, gloves are also needed. For anyone who reads this post please join me in making hats, gloves, shawls as I will be sending boxes twice a month to Soweto directly to Jose. Send this post or link it I would like to get as many as possible to join in and help. If you're interested please leave a comment along with your email so I can contact you and offer more information. I plan to visit Soweto as soon as I can get away sometime within the next year. In the meantime say hello to the newest addition to my family, and he's all my guy....Soweto.