Thursday, November 7, 2013

Baby Cocoon and Hat finished...Adorable Owl Sweater Pattern

Blocking is done and I've added the Hat! Plus a Found Owl Pattern.
Last night while watching Criminal Minds, (another of my favorite shows) I knitted up a little hat to coordinate with the cocoon pattern I found on Raverly. I love browsing Raverly they're are so many talented people it's just amazing.
If you remember I discussed in my last post, how blocking didn't seem to make much sense to me when knitting or crocheting with acrylic yarn, however, much to my surprise this particular yarn really made a different in the cocoon, after the blocking was completed. Isn't that little hat just adorable?
The yarn I used was some I bought on sale at JoAnn Fabrics, we are limited on yarn shops in our area. The yarn was Bernat Softie which is great if you're knitting up thing for babies, or for someone who is looking for really inexpensive yarn which is comfy soft to the skin. My daughter is not one who likes anything with wool or a wool blend, which made this yarn, even more appealing for this project. I have to say it doesn't compare to the yarn the pattern originally called this yarn was a lighter weight. It has a lot of stretch which is good and I'm glad because it knitted up a bit narrower than expected. Every brand of yarn I work with tends to knit up differently which is expected, yet for me, it doesn't matter. I have learned even when I work the gauge, I end up knitting looser as I dive into the project. So I am really learning to focus on my needle sizes more than the yarns. It's an easy pattern to knit, the only stitch you really have to know is w&t (wrap and turn) and then neating it in your work. This is an excellent tutorial for leaning w&t.
Currently I am working on a this owl baby sweater set pattern... I found while web surfing. My daughter requested a sweater done in ivory, another cashmere project is in the making.
Thank You for popping in have a spectacular day.