Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Venture in Tapestry Crocheting...

Being a person who likes to try new things and having a love for learning, I thought I would give tapestry crocheting a try...the theme of course, polka dots, simple, and easy for learning tapestry. Well sorta, kinda, okay it took some time. As you can see the first one a lime green with melon color dots was my try at tapestry. I have to say it is easier than fair isle knitting, but it still requires keeping your fingers in and out of the way...so once I kinda got the hang of it, orange popped in to my head, as it's a color I am adding to the kitchen makeover.
I really like the way these colors turned out, the more you work the pattern the easier it gets...I'm not sure if it's something I would want to do all the time, or for that, even get more intense in the tapestry with different designs. It would have to be something that would really catch my eye. Although crocheting is fun and using a hook was the first thing I learned as a young girl...its not something I do a lot unless it's blankets. I suppose it's because my mother crocheted more than she ever knitted, not that she didn't know how to knit, she simply preferred crocheting as the patterns and stitches were easier for her to follow. I never thought back then as a young girl... I ever wore anything crocheted, but, I found a photograph of me in grade school wearing a crocheted vest. I'll have to pull it out and show you one day, it's not the best school photo, then again who doesn't look back at school photo's and say, "What was I thinking."
So I continued the day working another polka dot pattern...I wanted to see what the classic red and white Lily's Sugar and Cream cottons would look like as polka dots. I like the colors together but in tapestry crocheting...there is one thing I've learned looking at the dish cloth I made in the first photo... using colors seem to hide the polka dot yarn a lot better than the white. So if you try this technique I would suggest color on color.
Completed Dish Cloth measures 6 1/4" by 7 1/4"
I will make up the pattern... if you want to learn tapestry crocheting polka dots are the way to go, once you get the hang of it the pattern you'll find yourself in a really cool rhythm. I will post it once I get the pattern together. In the meantime happy creating!