Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tah Dah! Owl Sweater Complete!

Today I finished the owl sweater by adding the buttons it's so nice, another project off my list. I'm actually enjoying the learning process and growing with each sweater I complete. The only thing I need to do is add twill tape to the button bands to control the stretch. It's one thing I don't like about making sweaters is the gap between buttons were it pulls. I might try a stitch that is more stable next time like the seed stitch. The owls are so much fun to knit, I just love working the cable stitch in any form, pillow etc. I've been trying to decide what to do next. I wanted to start this stripe sweater for me that in the post, only I find myself on the end of still doing the mother thing, and making things for the grand babies instead of myself. Which in reality I don't mind as I really do enjoy making things for others. I've been a bit overwhelmed lately knowing how many projects there are to finish and wanting to start so many others, my mind is boggled, which has me not doing much on the needles. I've been in the mode of if you don't know what to do then do nothing. I don't know if it's the Holidays upcoming which is adding to the feeling with so much to do yet. I need to make cookies for the grand kids, and with that I know I'm going to eat many, which my waist really doesn't need....arg...another sugar rush and a few extra pounds. And lets add to the mix, diabetes runs in our family, what's a girl to do...make cookies!! I'm also going to make red velvet cupcakes or red velvet sandwich cookies, that my older children love, oh I am in trouble!! I am a taster when I cook or bake and that doesn't help either, do you do the same thing? How can one not eat while baking or cooking, especially baking. I mean come on it's not everyday we make cut out cookies. I remember when I was little there was a house two doors down from ours, a older woman had turned her front little living room into a small bakery. My mom would give us a nickel to buy a homemade sugar cookie, they were so soft, so big, yummy and she was so nice. Our next door neighbor was Italian and always bringing over homemade baked goods. I can't remember a time back then when neighbors weren't visiting us or us visiting them. Like on I Love Lucy...it just isn't that way anymore, when someone would move into the neighborhood, the neighbors would bring a welcome to the neighborhood baked good. Have we really changed so much? I think so especially with technology it's just to easy to text and everyone just seems overly busy with all the gadgets. I miss the old days, when my mother and the neighbors sat outside with an ice tea or lemonade and spent time just visiting, with not a rush to be anywhere other than enjoying each others company. It's funny though, when I'm out and about I hear older people especially this time of year talking to others and saying how much they miss the old days. I've even notice in my blog trolling, a lot of the younger gals are decorating in a rustic past, grabbing at the old items. Maybe we do as humans miss the simple, I know I do and I try my best to live as simple as possible. It makes me wonder... is that really one of our largest draws to series like Downton Abby? 

Stay warm, thank you for stopping by, Happy Holidays!