Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Little Piece of Handmade Cape

Life changes are a given just as going from knitting to crocheting it goes back and forth.

I saw this little cape done a different way and loved it, so, I thought I would do something different. Being the first try at this pattern the color change sure makes a difference. I have plans to add some other detail and am going to try it in a different stitch and yarn. Still working on the little teal sweater from last couple posts. I think the sleeves going round and round with dpn's kind of got to me, still working on it though and hope to have it done soon. After all it is for one of my grand daughters, being only 3, they tend to grow out of clothing as fast a weed reappears after a rain. Speaking of the garden, not good, we didn't get much rain so it went fast. I did manage to get a lot of green beans and tomatoes so can't really complain. Working the cape in Red Heart in Gray for the body and Yarn All Things You in Soft Rose from our local craft shop Pat Catan's. Both are simply worsted weight acrylic yarns. I treat my first attempt like a test pattern and from there decide the changes, then pick quality yarns. I like to know the pattern. I'm really not a fan of the double crochet don't like the large spaces it leaves and that's in U.S. terms. I really think I would use single crochet to give a much more quality warm cape and heavier yarn. Plus, I would make it longer, so if you make this cape, the first thing done is making the ribbed edge, this can go longer. I do like the way the hood is worked in the single crochet wouldn't change that at all. I thought about adding pink in the hood with the bobble stitch, and, just might do that on the next one. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Apple Cozy Design

Cool, damp rainy days are the best for relaxing with a warm cup of tea, yarn and just creating away. It took some time to get it right, a few start over's, ripped out stitches, it was worth it all. I am not a pro at patterns, heck, I'm not even a pattern designing person. I mostly just sit back and work patterns I find or ones I purchase. However, I would like to work a bit harder at designing. This was a little fun project I jotted down notes and have plans on writing it out properly. I think anyone who has knowledge of designing can figure this one out. I will though get it done, not sure how fast though, things since Jim passed have slowed down or taken a back seat. Days where missing him consumes my thoughts and nothing gets done or falls into place. I know we all have those days and it's okay they pass just like any other day, tomorrow is a new day. 
As soon as I get the pattern down properly it will be posted. I will tell you what yarn I used in case there are those who can just look at the photo, and figure it out. Lily, Sugar n Cream cotton.
Thank you for stopping by...have a wonderful weekend.