Monday, November 13, 2017

Inserting a Fleece Lining into a Crocheted Hat

Hello all, popping in to share this post on youtube for those who want a warm hat.
 I know when crocheting a hat with a half double, double, or treble it's what I
 personally don't care for, the holes in the finished product. This personally works well for me and I love it!

Hope you find this helpful, enjoy your day!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Oh So Cute

Hello all, well Halloween came, went, and left a lot of candy on the shelves. This is not good for me in particular, actually, it's easier to trick or treat for adults after the Holiday is over...70% off the bags. Too bad they don't last until next year, or, maybe they do. Not here at my house... I am a chocolate lover at heart.

So much so... these are Chocolate Chinchilla Rabbits, mom, dad, and one baby out of six. They are doing so well and that makes me happy. But, boy can they eat!

I finally, yes finally, finished the mitts to this set. Oh my goodness did it take some calculating at least for me. By the way the yarn used is Vanna Whites. I will post the pattern to the mitts below. I really liked they way this set turned out. So cozy warm for the cold days ahead.

Just had to show you more babies. There one is a ,white magpie as they are called and she is staying with me. She is so adorable and friendly. These guys are now close to 4 weeks old and the mom is due for another litter...I am bad didn't separate them in time. They can see each other now yet can interact. I can tell you if there is one thing rabbits like its making babies. Out in the wild they have up to six or more, however, not all survive due to the elements they have to endure, especially in the winter months. The animal lovers community is so friendly and helpful it really warms one's heart.

Okay, so here goes with the pattern. I am not the best at writing them, so, let me know if you have any problems.

Newborn to 3 months

U. S. 3 double pointed knitting needles (4)
1 marker

5 stitches e quals 1 inch
M1L - pick up bottom thread between two stitches in the front of thread as if to push left, knit in back of stitch. One stitch was created.

Cast on 28 sts using long co method

k1, p1 for 12 rows

Round 13- k1, M1L, knit to 1 stitch, M1L, knit 1  (30 sts)
Round 14 - knit
Round 15 - k1, M1L, knit to 1 stitch M1L, knit 1 (32 sts)
Round 16- knit
Round 17 - k1, M1L, knit to 1 stitch, M1L, knit 1 (34 sts)
Round 18 - knit
Round 19 - k1, M1L, knit to 1 stitch, k1 (36 sts)
Round 20 - knit
Rounds 21 to 26 knit

Decrease Rounds

Round 27- k1, (k2 together, k3) to end (29 sts)
Round 28 - knit
Round 29 - k1, (k2 together, k2) to end (22 sts)
Round 30 - knit
Round 31- k1, (k2 together, k1) to end (15 sts)
Round 32 - knit
Round 33 - (k2 together) 7 times, k1 (8 sts)

Cut yarn using yarn needle put pick up remaining 8 stitches pull closed making sure thread is now on the inside. I knot the yarn using the yarn needle then weave in ends.

Hope you enjoy!