Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Life is Good

  Life is good even amazing if we just look around, that's pretty easy for me when you've been a photographer. Although I don't take it for granted. Photographing nature has become so much more appealing to me in the past couple years. Teaching myself to see through the lens with not only my eyes but my heart. Some of the most ordinary things become extraordinary. There is beauty even on a warm January day, yes I did say warm. We have had an unusual winter and I by far am not complaining. If Mother Nature continues to be resting in a good mood our transfer into spring should go mighty well. The key word Mother Nature who can change without notice which is truly pretty cool in some ways...the sound of a rustling wind, or waves beating up against a pile of rocks, the crackling of ice on the Bay, tree branches tapping the windows and the snow crunching softly under foot. Sometimes I miss the snow which has been scarce this winter, maybe, two days so far this Season although there are still several months to go. My new home is nice I am adjusting although it's been tough, I can't say it hasn't been without tears leaving my apartment of 10 years. Women, nester's were are making simple walls, a roof and floors a home. So many memories are made in a decade of living with so many hard to let go. I know we take them with us wherever we go, yet, it feels a lot like a loss. I keep trying to remind myself change is good it leads to better things, different things, a new view which mine is extraordinary. The bay in my backyard, birds everywhere beautiful birds. A nature retreat/trail to my left where walks are glorious even in the winter. So what is there to be sad about...home even though they say it's where you're heart is...mine took in many good times and even bad in my apartment. So for now, I cry, then I'm okay the tears just seem to find there way down my face...maybe that's life's way of cleansing the old and preparing us for the new to come. Flushing it all out, yes, I believe least for me it's how I am going to view it. I look forward to the new views, the new memories and of course my new home. Change is good and if you're feeling the same it's okay hang on and go with it...just like everything else we adjust. Have a beautiful day and truly enjoy it no matter what the weather or the day try to find the good. I know I do. I believe. UPDATE...I am beginning to create in my new there will be bits of this and that to come...

Sunday, January 15, 2017's been awhile

It's evening here in Ohio normally I would post during the week morning, but hey, we can't always follow the norm...well at least I can't. I have moved it's been scary, exciting so many emotions wrapped up in one little body, or dare I say head. A lot of things have happened some good, some okay and some pretty darn, not so...that's okay's how we learn, which means, we never stop learning or making mistakes regardless of age. Single life is better for me I have found, which I should have typed "I knew all along." It's tough to move around so many marriages and get it there even a right...I don't know. I just know it's not for my life, maybe it's just I am too darn independent and creative, I think so... it's hard to tame someone who doesn't fit with the trends of society in life. Yet, it's okay there too. I am okay with it all, no I am great with it all. There is so much to discover about one's self in this life...and no...I am not saying everyone drop your spouse and go find yourself, well it's your choice actually...remember that "there is always a choice in everything." However, what is important...we have to spend time alone even if a couple hours a day, we must, find time for ourselves...not to shave our legs or go to a be away from people life in general, and enjoy this place called "Earth" which we are all a part of for such a limited time. And by all means do it by ourselves. That's right totally alone...just walk along a beach, a country road, in the woods, sit by the water...let your mind go...look at everything...close your eyes and listen to the sounds...let your mind cleanse itself...simply let it breathe. For now...Goodnight there will be more posts to come in this New Year.