Saturday, July 30, 2016

It's Been Awhile...

Good Day all....I have no project photo's to post and there is a reason for this....Earlier this month my computer hard drive passed away. Yup, it just totally stopped. Being so I lost a lot of data due to not backing it up as I kept telling myself I should...that good old instinct is really something to listen too. Normally I do, but, lately I have been very busy. Personal things, life things, gardening and more....and boy is it hot and humid during all. My computer is back with a brand spanking new hard drive and Windows 10, yippy, I say...the only thing I noticed...I am one of many who has to have her computer. Even though I had a cell phone capable of doing the same...there is nothing like a computer, especially one with a large screen. I am happy though...what would have cost me nearly a ton of money on a new computer...this one was fixed cheaply. So with all that said...I can get back to doing what I do...create and photograph. So what have I been doing....

Holding my breathe as we wait for my grandson, Henry, who just turned have his kidney we pray. Trying to find a new place to live...want more room and gardening which has been a task since we have had very little rain all summer. Visiting my children and grandchildren and realizing with age also comes death...many around me have passed away...those who are now in there 70's and 80's are now gone. It's the sad part of aging and I understand it all now...something I didn't understand as I was growing up..."WE ALL WISH WE WERE OLDER IN YOUTH AND YOUNGER IN OLD AGE...ironic isn't it.

So the sweater above is one I want to try it's free and looks like it will be awesome to knit. Enjoy this pattern and your day and especially your goes by so quickly. God Bless all.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer Days Creating

Hello dear readers, yes, it's been awhile since I posted life has gotten a bit busy in the past month.
Taking many photographs and enjoying this strange, but, delightful weather. Warm, then cool, then dreadfully hot, not the typical weather which it's fine because, I am, finding beautiful things to photograph. Isn't the lavender heart amazing? Was totally unexpected it what I love about the camera.

Flowers are finally blooming here in Northern Ohio a tad late and so beautiful in colors, peeking out from there folds, a new birth every year I am always in aw... I forgive them for arriving late, how can I not. I used an Ice Tea Bottle in front of the lens for the effect.

And the June bugs, we get this every season everywhere...they cover the ground like a blanket and at night they sparkle like the stars from all the lights. Poor things get rolled over stepped on...last night I had to walk across a bug covered driveway to heart the popping was a bit like fire crackers going off I kept saying, "I'm sorry I'm so sorry."

Then there is the sun, so warm, yes, warm and brighter it seems each year. I love the way it highlights the earth the shadows and lights. 

I also love the a cloudy sky, it creates such an extraordinary scene that changes constantly has they move gracefully along the skyline...the sun lets the light though it looks as though the heavens have opened, just marvelous. 

Did you know if you set one of these on fire it will burn in gorgeous brilliant colors or maybe it's the yellow ones...hmmm...there goes another brain cell floating around the room. Haha...I loose many has I get older...who cares I is amazing with age. I took this one leaning across the driver of the car the bokeh effect is awesome isn't it?? That is the way the background is blurred.  Have I been creating you may be wondering...well...not on the needles...right now all is done with the camera how can I not take it everywhere I go. Enjoy the weekend it's a special one in the United States...Happy Fourth of July sweet all others around the Country have a beautiful weekend.