Saturday, March 23, 2019


It's been awhile I know...since Jim passed I've had to find a new normal. It's been challenging to say the least. It's one thing about life I don't like, someone always gets left behind and for the one who does it's a constant heartbreak of finding that normal. It's going on 2 years May 1st and it's still a lot to handle.

I've moved into an apartment complex living with my cat, Bella, and rabbit, Molly. They are now my life as is still my camera. This is a photograph of a dog wandering on the beach this month on a day that was not so chilly. He belonged to a person living near the beach I must add he was an awesome subject.

There was still snow out on the water, none really on the beach...tons of seagulls birds I will never understand or care too...they are one messy bird. I find I enjoy taking photographs on windy days when the water is really packing waves. Love the movement of water in photographs. I miss the woods where I use to live..I was there 12 years the landlord passed the daughters took over and sold everything. So, I had to's difficult leaving a place one has lived at for so long it becomes home and that is one thing that's difficult to keep changing. There I was surrounded by wildlife, woods, green not so much. I miss it and I miss my Jim gets easier yet ya  never forget.

I am still creating working yarn making blankets, hats, scarves and more...if you're interested in purchasing I have a shop Little Duckling Designs on Etsy. They are all listed in the shop.

If there is anything to learn in life nothing is constant change happens all around us everyday. It's finding out why that's the important part..why we end up where we do no matter how long it lasts or who we are with...there is alway a're either teaching someone or learning.
If you would like to follow me I am also posting on a new blog *Alpaca Hook n Crochet* be nice to see you the meantime make it a great weekend.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's in the House

I start today by saying, "it's really, really, cold here! And photographing this guy was tough although I don't think this little guy felt it. I am a certainly not one who likes doing this type of crocheting, moreso, due to all the pieces and parts which have to be created, then stuffed, then attached. With that said, I saw it at amalou on instagram and bought the pattern on Etsy. I have to add it took me awhile to finish this little mouse and it was worth it in the end. So adorable. So yes, there is a mouse in my house.