Thursday, October 17, 2013

All those Knitted Owls...

 I finally finished this adorable little owl newborn sack for my daughter's baby due in about 4 weeks. I have to say although I love to learn... reading patterns is something I have always had trouble doing in knitting. I am a more visual person than I am a person who can read, and follow instructions, but, that's okay...because I know I am not the only visual person in the world.
It takes me time to read a pattern and that's what I enjoy about this new journey in my empty nest later years. I can sit take the time to read and re-read the pattern, look up the abbreviations, so I know what I am going to be doing.
 All those little owls as adorable as they are took me a bit to figure out...I kept knitting 4 stitches front and 4 back and wheee....all I had was cable working that looked really nice but no owls. So I thought hmmm, something has got to be wrong with the pattern, well of course, it couldn't be me! Yeah right, okay, so it was...I miss read the C4F and C4B meaning cable 4 stitches front and the next 4 back. Amazing how the smallest oversight can make one sit and go...dah!
I can't wait for my daughter to see this set, she just loves the color gray..and yes...I am still knitting owl's! The little hat designed to coordinate I can not tell you how many times I ripped it out and started this time it wasn't me! I went back to the pattern site and read all the comments...thank goodness for everyone who does comment it's very nice they do so as it cleared up everything. Which goes to show commenting is not only appreciated but very helpful!! Now they say to block it to bring out the owl's and I hear everyone when it comes to blocking, Arg, is all I have to I think I just might steam block instead.
Have a good Thursday...and don't forget to watch...