Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grannie Square Blanket...and a Beautiful Scent

It's a beautiful day today, the sun is shinning although a little cool for June it suits me just fine.
I refilled all the bird feeders, tried to photograph an oriole kept missing the darn bird by seconds until I finally said, okay so you don't want to be photographed today. Oh, the are such a gorgeous bird, the orange and black is just beautiful. Last night I was out at dusk and caught a glimpse of 3 deer grazing, bluebirds atop there little wooden houses and two rabbits with a baby.
I also feed my tomato plants growing on my deck with hummingbird sugar water, duh, next time label the darn quart milk jug!
I was able to catch a few photographs of my grannie square blanket. I am so smitten with this new one. I originally started it early in April and didn't like the way it was turning out, and oh all that work!
This one I am so over the top smitten with..I just can't put the hook down. So relaxing, yet so many color changes, and all those weaving in the ends. I am sneaky and a bit clever I think,  I weave mine in as I am changing the colors.
If I had to go back over all those pesky little ends I would go bonkers!
And probably wouldn't finish it for years and years and...well you know putting it in the closet somewhere.
Yet not this one! Nope I didn't think I would ever make a grannie square blanket and here I am loving every moment of seeing it become something more than just a ball of yarn.
And the Cascade 220 Heathers well, what can I say but, Yes!
My new favorite yarn. And speaking of favorite....
Lemon Balm, this is my go to scent when I am a bit overwhelmed, yes it happens to me too, or even just throughout the day it makes me feel good, puts a smile on my face. It's my favorite scent!!
And when lay down to go to sleep I take a few whiffs to settle my thoughts.
 Everyone should have a favorite scent that makes them happy. What's yours?