Monday, March 27, 2017

What's Hooking

Minion's oh my gosh...I am crocheting again...what has happened. I do believe it's my grand children, actually my grand daughter had one and everyone was looking for them. So I stepped up and decided to make cell phone is just not producing good photographs....arg! Don't know what is going on, but, it's needs tweaking. Technology, oh yes, I do admit it has it's perks, however, it also has it's fault and let's not go into those...this hat is so easy and crochets up quickly. Once I get the darn thing finished I will post the pattern. I know there are a lot of them on the internet still I will post it.
I am also working on a few other crochet  projects at the same time, arg did I just print that....yup... am sure you will love. They work up quickly, so hoping to post them within the next couple weeks.

On the farm front...the girl's are growing quickly...soon to out grow there current home. I am working on a new coup hopefully it will be done soon. These are Oplington Chicken's which lay large brown eggs..six of these girl's are currently in the house in the tub...that's right the tub. No problem though, that is until the wings develop more which means I better hurry on the coup. Gosh, I am working the garden, crocheting, building a coup and more...and loving it all.. In the meantime have a beautiful day and keep creating any way you can...