Saturday, April 8, 2017

Hats in Spring....

Well finally, it's beginning to feel and look like Spring. We've had some surprise days that are really cold with snow and rain...luckily it doesn't last long. It's nice to see blue skies and a play of white clouds, they are my favorite. This handsome guy has been visiting quite often, I just love woodpeckers, cardinal's and's the starling's that come it abundance and practically eat everything. Gosh, they tick me off!

Then there is the girl's, yup, the girl's growing so fast. These are orplington's are so beautiful, they have grown bigger then this now. I so look forward to going back to my roots of farming, dad raised chicken's when we we're young. So I do know a bit.

In the meantime, until I can really get the garden and such going, I am crocheting away. Hat after hat Minon's, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, an adorable cat and working on more...these are so quick to make. Planning on having a bunch ready for this coming fall...oh no...I  did not say that already. 

I am not really sure, in fact, probably seems the same little rabbit is in the yard every year. Is it possible?

And...also have an adorable sweater going ...when located will put up a link so you can see what it will look like...I have plans to change it up a bit. It's a very easy hdc stitch and whips up fast. Seems to be my go to stitch right now...seems so many things are going on in my life right's a bit hectic. Haven't had time to take good or photographs of my works. A very dear close friend of mine has been diagnosed with lung cancer that has metastasized to other organs along with the brain. Something very unexpected. Sadly, it doesn't look good which makes getting this done even tougher. I sit with my friend and make these hats, making sure they are not alone. I have seen this before in my own's not easy to watch them slowly disappear.
My heart goes out to anyone who has been going through anything so traumatic. May God be with you and my dear friend. After you read and leave please say a pray for everyone who is struggling with cancer...they need all the pray warriors they can get. Thank you <3