Friday, March 24, 2017


I am nothing if not they say one should blog at the same time everyday...if there would be anyone to break the mold it would be me.  And here I am...breaking it again with smiles on wee morning hours to show you why I choose black for a special girl. And here it is
 the reason for the Fingerless Gloves and Headband, I made for my grand daughter, Ms. Emma, soon to be three in May.

Look at those gorgeous little fingers and the gloves that fit even without a measure, hence, waiting on my son, who shoes you are looking at, to take the time and measure for me...then again that's guys, always forgetting or just not getting too something so simple. Na, he is a very hard worker he is an electrical engineer who travels the world. So I understand. So happy they fit, despite the fact, I did not figure her thumb to be so long, and the headband, she refused to model for us. Maybe another time..The pattern again Rivelyn Set was hard to follow as I had to rewrite...and that's okay.

So excited I was to see  the outfit on Ms. Emma who has a love of Minnie and Mickey mouse, however, she also loves cats...I am told. Just might be on the list of things to make. Happily I am finishing projects once again before bouncing to another. Yippy, I say, now lets just keep it going.
I do have another little project up my sleeve, it's already in the works, that is sizing it up, to fit this little one in the fall when it's cooler. Now, I will be searching for things done in a soft cotton for spring or maybe sewing little dresses...whatever I manage to create will show up here on my little blog. Have a wonderful weekend, where ever, in this creative World you may be...