Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bedding Shop and Gardening

What's going on...Well currently I am waiting for my new bed to arrive for photographing the linens and such....there has been a bit of a delay in delivery. Once it arrives all will begin with photographs then uploading to the online shop.

In the meantime, I have prepared the garden for all the veggies to be planted this weekend.  Its smaller this year as you can see in the back. I am fencing in the area this year to keep rabbits and deer out, with my neighbor not planting in the last few years, my garden gets a lot of wild life attention not wanted. So far its just been preparing the area for the outdoor furniture and things. It is however, so very nice to see all things spring blooming.

With the cold weather the Lavender really took a beating this past winter. Oh how sad, I was to see all but two survive. Although the lavender plants are clearly not deceased there was a ton of pruning back the dead areas. Last spring I only had to prune one as far back as the one in the photograph which turned out fine, it came back as the season progressed. I am hoping the same. I did have a couple lavender plants damaged from rabbits nesting. Bless their hearts I had to take them out, no babies yet, however I did have to remove the nest to cut back the damage. I've had my lavender nearly 4 years, and oh, how beautiful they have been, until this year. There are new shoots appearing so I hope all turns out well for the plants. I darn not say I may not get much as far as blooming this season. On the good side my new lavender plants arrived today, so, they will be planted in a couple days.

Before I close this post I do have a question and would appreciate your input. Currently I have the online shop set as Nesting in Love...I am also considering Naturally Nesting. Any input would be nice.

Have a wonderful Day!