Monday, April 20, 2015

Long Ruffled Bedding Decor and More...Online Shop

Well it's about time..

I am so happy to announce.... I have finally did it took the necessary steps, bought my domain, for my online shop "Nesting in Love." appropriate name I thought for all things that nestle us with love. I am setting up the shop with branding, which means logo's, packaging, etc.

What will you find there....
Many things lavender, home grown, without pesticides by me on my farm land. I've been growing a variety of Lavender for 4 years now and bringing it to the internet for you. Currently I have 21 plants and more arriving this spring. I am in love with Lavender and it's natural calming properties.

You will also find my personally designed Long Ruffled Bedding, Pillowcases, Prairie Bedding Line just what is that...something I am sure you will love. All are handmade using a french seam and quality material I assure you. If I don't like it I won't sell it, picky gal here who also likes reasonable pricing. We should all be able to live the way we want without saying, "why is it only rich people have nice things?" Not at "Nesting in Love" quality sure, great pricing you bet. I know what it's like to live check to check or on a budget. At my shop you will be able to have a beautiful bedroom linens. So hang on...I am working on it this week and next, which means I will not be posting again, okay maybe one or two, until the shop is complete and ready to roll.

In the meantime, enjoy the nice weather and spread the word!