Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bedding Shop and Babies

Well I sit here and think where as Spring gone the robins are everywhere, bunnies are out with there babies...everything seems to be new. Yet the temperature seems to be going from one extreme to the other. Its warm, than its hot, then its cold...I am a bit confused, my veggies are confused, wear a sweater, don't wear a sweater...I feel like knitting its cooler..should I hibernate I mean really...all I can say is those going through the change of life should be comfortable...the sky has been so cloudy and the days gloomy...I was hanging out clothes there for awhile during a week of a warm streak and yes the hanging clothespin bag will be in the shop done. I love the red and white stripes, there will be blues and second oldest, Aaron, brought my grand daughter over on mother's day. It was such a treat to see Emma. She's the one in this photograph, my sons only child who turned one on May 9th. She is a busy body, doesn't stop walking and just chats away as she does...then will stop to say No very clearly. I am so impressed by her father, my son, who just loves having a little girl, and really gets in to clothing for her...he said, mom, the way one can dress a girl there is so much more than for a boy. She made my mother's day as did seeing my son...he is a very busy man, designs car parts for everyday car engines and race cars. Travels the world with his job...I am proud of what he has accomplished. I did get the rest of my bed today...finally the frame arrived. It seems it's been forever since I ordered the darn thing. So now I can begin to put the bedroom together and begin photographing, I even thought of ways to photograph outside. Bare with me we are finally getting to home plate...and when I do you will find the wait was worth it all.