Sunday, December 1, 2013

Knitting and Everything Else!!

Today was a bit nice, not terribly sunny, but in all we were in the 40ties, a very nice day for a walk to the store. I take advantage of days like these because we all know the snow is coming.
Target is close and that's were I usually travel for just a few grocery things. Although Target is a nice store, it's a bit pricey, for the things they offer, yet it does get me out of the apartment, walking is important as is socializing. Talking to a cat all day is truly a one sided conversation.

After arriving home, I decided to do something I wanted to do months ago. Let's just say it was bought months everyone thinks you have to buy the same color of paint in a high gloss, to get a tone on tone texture. Not is a a soft white wall with a flat finish done in a simple stencil. For a mere 1.89 the price of a Pearl gloss small bottle of acrylic paint from the craft store. You can achieve the same look, so much cheaper. I've also done this with a bottle of clear gloss. more thing I wanted to do is out of the way...

And so is this little sweater... patterned after the owl sweater, only this time done in Dk weight yarn instead of worsted. I really meant to do the owl sweater in Dk but I was so excited to get started, I just picked up the yarn and knitted away. 

I haven't added the button yet, out of all the buttons this girl has there was not one set of navy blue or white. Currently I'm knitting the hat and will add mitts...with a little bit of either navy blue or white intertwined. I am leaning toward navy blue.

I didn't add the owl's this time I wanted it to be a more traditional button down sweater, especially in colors that are hard to find for a new baby. 
I'm really pleased with this sweater compared to the original again done in worsted weight yarn and the Bernat Softee was so much better to knit. I just ordered Bernat Comfort Dk in two colors for the new baby due in April. The plan for the new yarn a sweater with a bit of design at the bottom and maybe around the bottom of the sleeves, with a matching hat and newborn blankie. A bit more girly, after all the baby is a girl. 

So in the end I'm still deciding on whether to leave blogger and move to Typepad after all it's not free. I've done a lot of research this weekend and learned that Typepad does drive more traffic to a blog, then all the others. To pay for a blog one must have very good content from what they say...I guess it's all in what one is looking to do, right.

Thanks for visiting...have a wonderful rest of this Sunday. Blessings to all!