Monday, November 25, 2013

Knitted Sweater with A Bizarre Story

Well it seems as though winter is arriving and coming in harder than last year. Despite the fact that I think we are all in for a bizarre winter, knitting is on my agenda.

Which calls for sweaters, right! My baby owl sweater is still on the block, although I am pleased that it's finished, and indeed was fun and easy to knit, there are a few things I would change. First of all if the pattern calls for sport weight don't use worsted. I knew the darn thing call for sport weight yet my brain kept saying worsted. Needless to say, its more of a 3 to 6 month sweater instead of a newborn. I'm not thrilled with the neckline, but, the rest is fine. As with most things the first one is the one were I learn everything and make many mistakes. Happily in this one there is only one very small mistake. I used Carson Simply Soft and love the way it makes blankets, but, am not pleased with the way this yarn is with this particular pattern. I have used quality yarns and it truly does make a difference especially in stitch quality. Oh, and I love The Crochet Dude blocks...they are like puzzles can be made large or small depending on your blocking project. I purchased mine on EBay. They are so easy to store especially when you live in a small space.

I tried to zoom in a bit closer, actually this girl needs to treat herself to a really nice camera. Currently I've been working with a Kodak Easy Share Z712 1S it's done the job since purchased 5 years ago, but, I think it's time to treat myself after all I do love photography. Although one would never know by looking at my's really not me it's the camera..yeah right, okay, who you  kidding. Indeed a quality camera does help. Oh and back to the zoom in part...I wanted to show you the little owl's on each side of the sweater. Again the quality of the yarn makes a huge difference. I'm going to make another which will go much quicker, of course, in a Sport Weight. Now for the story....

Bizarre and Very True
 I think my mind is still a bit off track, especially after this bizarre thing that happened to me which had me stunned and laughing at the same time.
Okay so in spring girl walks to food store, while crossing street after girl looks both ways, car quite a distance away decides to speed up nearly hitting girl. So girl knows the driver long story, involves care of handicap children, so girl decides to follow her for the last time and finally confront her. Let's just say don't try running this girl off road. So girl goes into Menard's to find dreaded woman to which girl does, needless to say words were minced, and 5'7" girl looking down at 5'3" her, finally settled the whole thing. Now girl is really running on adrenalin, so she decides to calm down by browsing around. In her purse was a bag with a diet Pepsi that spilled over and through a hole in bag all inside purse. So she ask cashier for a Menard's bag and was told, you can only have one, if you purchasing something. Okay brain derailed and girl said, you've got to be kidding. So girl decides to go to garden center just to browse around nature, is very calming. What to her wondering eyes should appear, a checkout counter and many Menard's bags appear. So she looks up at the camera in her adrenalin rush, a bird flies up, and she says, I"m taking a Menard's bag.

Well weeks later police show up at girl's door. Believe it or not with a warrant for theft of a Menard's bag. The officer finding it so funny, let's girl just sign warrant, and leaves. Sorry I am still LOL! Needless to say very true story...girl ends up in court. Now girl is well educated in law and knows plea bargaining is what the court counts on, it's how they make there money. Girl leaves the store, 3 employees corner her and ask, where did you get the Menard's Bag. Well of course the answer was inside in the garden department. They ask to view inside bag, girl opens bag, inside is another bag with the spilled pop to which she opens, along with wet wipes girl carries every where.  Finally, today was the pretrial before court trial with jury, and girl telling attorney listen no deals, no plea bargaining, it was a Menard's bag to which they clearly viewed inside. So girl request video footage of employees looking through bag in parking lot.
So video was viewed, showed employees with girl letting them search bag and purse, and  showing girl placing other bag with pop leaking, dripping and placing it inside the Menard's bag. That was my day, 4 hours of waiting in court today, talking to tons of people, more waiting, and hearing many stories. In the 4 hours girl was there, she was the last to be addressed, with the Judge apologizing for girls long wait saying you've been here quite awhile. Girl responds, yes, I should have packed lunch. Okay, right, whatever! Needless to say the obvious happened....girl gets told charges are dropped, go ahead, you can go, run home....enjoy your holiday. Girl walks out totally stunned by it all and laughing all the way home. And that's what our tax dollars pay for, a 2 cent Menard's bag taken from a store. Oh help please... as girl is still LOL! What has this world come too!