Sunday, December 1, 2013

Why? Tell me Please....

Okay so it's 2:37 a.m. and I can't sleep! Why????? Well, let me answer that....

I've gone to Typepad over an over to sign up, right, okay so you aren't here...I get it, who cares, but I did! After all if you search google a blog is suppose to be about something you do, like designing patterns, knitting, consistent they say....oh well, stop the madness!
You see I had a talk with my son, Aaron, the product engineer for car other words in case I didn't get it right, he redesigns car parts that malfunction, so they perform better. Well, okay, anyway now that, that's out of the way...he just had to go and ask me the one question I've been asking myself since birth.
Yes, this multi-creative person has been asking herself this all her life...
Why the heck am I so creative, it's absolutely awesome, but, it's incredibly annoying!! No, really, not at freaking drives me crazy, I told him.
Being multi-creative is a freaking nightmare....I told him, it's so hard to stick to one thing. I feel like a monkey running loose in New York City. He laughed, said, I know mom...I've lived with you and witnessed it all.
You see... about the only thing I was consistent at...tending to people's needs. Family that is....when I wasn't doing that, I had to feed the creative need with just about anything that could be created.
 Let's list it..
1. Woodworking 2. Doll Making 3. Creating with Polymer Clay 4. Crocheting 5. Knitting 6. Sketching 
7. Painting 8. Jewelry Making 9. Baking (like it better than cooking) 10. Sewing Clothes 12. Making Rubber Stamps 13. Redecorating 14. Gardening 15. Paper Crafts 16. Felting etc...

I go the store, first place I head is to the craft books, or any book that allows one to create anything. So, my son says, no mom, what do you really enjoy... have a passion for doing. Okay, loaded question. What is my passion...eating chocolate, walking in the woods, and sleeping. Oh, how I love to sleep now..after raising kids it's like, now I can catch up on all that sleep..lay down, tuck myself in, and say, yes! My son says, mom funny ha ha that's not a passion. What do you really enjoy doing? Everything I said...that's the freaking problem. I don't seem to stick to one thing, and boy have I tried. The minute I see something new to create I'm off and getting started. It doesn't matter what material it is....I'm just off and starting. Except the decorating just doesn't seem to matter much after ones been homeless. Things like that just don't matter as much as just living life, being happy, giving love and getting it in return.

So now what, I said to him....of course he says...think about it mom it will come to you. WAIT...think about it I said...I've been doing that all my life. Although I did have a great idea for a business I told him...what's that he said, maybe it will work.. so I told him...I wanted to start a business called Dig, Drop, and Dirt. What's that he says? Well, when a loved one dies, I supply the galvanized shovel with the name, date and death engraved, they pick a spot, dig, drop them in, cover it with dirt and stick the shovel in the ground. Dig, Drop and Dirt. Well you can only guess his response. LMAO! then saying I don't think it's legal kidding I replied. Boy would it be a seller, I said...imagine the money people would save. They did it in the old days, buried people where they dropped, right in there own backyards. Again he says, funny ha ha it's not legal. Well crap, I replied, screw the legal system, they do everyone else.
So needless to say, his finally word on the subject, think about it. Thanks son, now I'm still awake. Actually, I've been trolling the net looking for things to create...DARN! So what does one write a blog about when they do everything? I guess write about everything they do!
Gee I washed my clothes by hand, steam cleaned the floors, ate a lot of dark chocolate, laid on the floor looking at the ceiling, thinking boy that would hurt if it fell...snacking, no dinner, a bit of knitting, completely boring TV, checking books but reading is by far not my forte....and now I'm blogging. Whee....what a day. Okay, I think I will tuck myself in and do at least one of the thing I love.
Nightie, Night!