Tuesday, December 3, 2013

And Now We Know.... Exactly What!

We know that this little guy was born Nov. 12, 2013
And his mother is so incredibly in love with him...she stares at him constantly...Well, she tries, literally! 
I've never seen a mother so engaged with a child as my daughter, and that's not being bias, it's so true, if only you could see her with him. Well let's just say... What a lucky little boy! Two miscarriages, and an ovarian disease, it was a struggle to have this little guy, bring this little guy full term and into the world. Rightly so, she can stare as much as she likes!

What we didn't know, when he left the Hospital he would go back the first two weeks of his life. Loosing weight beyond what was normal, mom and babies blood mixed in womb, which is bad when it's incompatible, along with becoming extremely jaundice. I had noticed he was a bit off color during my visit (me holding him) and mentioned it to my daughter, who said, mom they said he was fine. But indeed he wasn't...what a struggle this little guy had right after his birth. With tears she said, I feel so bad mom, I should have known but I trusted the Hospital and I won't make that mistake again. Will (the little guy) is doing fine now and while speaking with my daughter on the phone last night, who loves him so much, was afraid to give him his first in water bath. Afraid she would drown him or break his tiny neck. So...daddy gave Will his first bath. 
I pray every night, this little guy, stays healthy.

Then there is the Season of all Seasons 'Christmas" one I did not enjoy for many years nor did I decorate. I did my best to just hide and sleep through that week. 

It takes time to heal from a devastating situation...but it doesn't feel it will change when you're going through it, does it?

Yet it does...if you speak of it out loud, if you take it day to day and know that every day you get through is one more day closer....because when you hit bottom the only way to go is up! Whether it's a year or ten years up is the only way you can go and that life will lead you to.....

Brighter days! Yes it does...I know from first hand experience what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And even if the days are dark the light finds it's way to you...God loves us all... you truly are never alone. You just have to trust him and pray, believe he has more for you to accomplish...because he does in times of troubles. You can't give up and you can't let go! This is a tough time of year for a lot of people, we must keep that in mind, think of others, and ask, how are you...really.

One candle light is all it takes to find your way home... and today was "Giving Tuesday" I hugged my cat, and am sending many Blessings your way.  To all of you reading or passing through, I will put you in my prayers tonight by mentioning my post. 
And what else did I know...after many prayers there it was right in front of me...I know what I am going to do this overly creative gal. On Cyber Monday I bought a Cannon ESO T3I with two lenses, a bag, an 8gb SD card and many other features. I re-evaluated my life since my son and I talked about what I wanted to do in this empty nester life. I realized every time I go to the store I interact with children especially from birth to 5, I just love everything about how pure there souls are...how honest, how incredibly real they are in everything they do. Remember when you were little you did everything, you played, walked through stores, went anywhere with family, etc.....and did what you felt without caring what anyone thought. I think we all need to go back there let the inner child dance, play, run, twirl in circles without caring what anyone thinks. I know I do and it feels awesome. Rejuvenating! Exactly what do I know.... I was a photographer for many years when I was in my twenties for a local studio. I know when I go outside I am always taking photographs. I know that my current camera has done it's job...my Kodak Easy Share Z712 IS held up and did it's best even though I always wanted a real professional camera, and didn't give it the interest I should have...I am grateful for having it. I won't part with it..unless one of my children needs a better camera.

Happy Holidays to all! Thank you again for visiting!