Saturday, September 7, 2013

Redecorating Inside and Out

Lately I have been doing a lot of decorating inside and out with out any thought just going with the flow of my mind. Being multi talented and able to do so many things myself. I am finding things around me are just evolving on there own oddly in the last couple years.
I had no plans whatsoever to build a fire pit until out of no where last week, I removed my raised veggie beds (as you can see by the border) let the weeds grow dug a 2 ft hole and made a fire pit. The brick are sealed inside with a mud mixture the way they did many decades ago. I have not used it yet,  I plan on adding a small wire trap over the top to keep the fire contained and from releasing burning pieces into the air. It measures 4' by 4' just the perfect size for me. I love sitting outside and especially in the fall while a fire is burning.
It's hard to believe just a couple years ago this whole area including the high weeds in the background which stretch out quite a ways, use to be all planting field. I've lived in my apartment 7 years now when I first started gardening the second year this was all dirt. Now it's more landscaping and evolving into something new. If you take a real close look you will see all my lavender plants behind the fire pit. They've been cut way back for the winter to come. The white cloth is where I plant my varieties of lettuce now, the cloth keeps the rabbits and bugs out, let's in the sun and rain. I am done with decorating this area just haven't photographed it yet. I will do that to show how nice it turn out with seating and such...
I've also been doing some more inside decorating or tearing apart I should add. I found this chair at Goodwill a thrift shop for 20.00, what a bargain, right! When I got it home I found out the darn thing reclines just by leaning back. Now if you know me...I am not one who like anything to do with pinks, rose colors asap... I began ripping it apart, of course taking tons of photographs for putting back together. Now, I've never done reupholstered before especially to this extent, but hey, I'm game for trying anything new.
Of course the cat had to sniff around and make sure it meant her approval, yeah right, actually she's just investigating all the odors! Yuk! I can only imagine what has been on this chair, oh I don't wanna go there....Eeek!
So the ripping continued all afternoon, for hours, there were so many staples I thought I would never want to look at one again! Pulling and tugging using a screwdriver I kept on going...and I have to tell you it was gross, especially the padding it literally fell apart. I will need to replace it all and thank goodness, when done, it will be like a brand new chair.
That is... if I can keep my fingers out of the way...yes, I managed to take a chunk out of my index finger during the whole process. Where am I with it..well, it's sitting  in my living room striped naked waiting to be redone. I call it an art piece for now!
And that's what I've been doing, no knitting or crocheting, just decorating the inside and out. This winter I plan on redecorating nearly everything, inside of course!