Friday, September 20, 2013

Just Had to Do It...

There are times in life... when you just have to do what you have to do, and this was one of them. It's one of my biggest problems, now that I am an empty nester I am free to do what I want and when I want too. And, that can be a problem... who would have thought that after the kids were gone, one would have all this time to just do. A mother waits all her life for the moment when the house is quite and all the time in the world belongs to just her, no, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, making beds, getting things for school, getting them to school, to sports and sooo much more on someone elses time.. nope it has all stopped. There you are with just you, free to come and go, free to leave the dishes, to clean at your own pace and to just be you.
Although, I can't say there aren't times when in my mind I miss it all, because I do. But, most of the time I'm glad it's over just due to the fact I don't have the same energy now as I did then, heck, by the time my grandson leaves the next day I am exhausted. My mind is fine, ready to go, stay the pace, and meet my grandson's need to play, and play and play until the sun goes down. And then, there is me the body, one hour after he's here I am ready to call it a day. Yet I push through because it's what my mind wants, just like when I am alone if something hits me just when I am ready to say, not one more thing, there I am pushing ahead to get going.
I had one of those moments just the other day, something I found while cleaning just said, you've got to do this...then the little guy sitting on my other shoulder (not literally) said no, you have to finish the other first. So back and forth I went and of course as always the little devil always wins, especially when it comes to creating. There I times I feel as though I've been cursed, yes cursed, with this thing call creating. If I'm not decorating, writing, working outside, moving things around, see something in a magazine, online, or on TV, that has my mind going okay, yes, I can do that and do it now, not later but now. Why does it always have to be now, feeding that creative need is like taking care of children. Only the children are gone and that creative need is here to stay, yes, it's a part of who I am, it's what feeds my soul, me this person who is now an empty nester just doesn't stop....thinking, and creating, so much so I just had to make a circular pair of knitting needles suit my creative need. Finding an old pattern lead me to cutting a pair of  36" long needles and making them 18" the only tough part was how and thus the ideas started rolling. I was determined to start this pattern when the log cabin blanket is still in the works. I just had to find a way and a way I did.
I heard the little guy on my shoulder who started this whole new project, lead me right to the proper tool, my wood burner kit, yes the clear plastic in between had to melt, and thus, could be put back together. After all, after examining where it was originally attached I knew it could be done. Never under estimate a creative woman on a mission!! I melted and melted trying to seam it to the wood end of the needle and realized it needed more, it was not going to hold. So....what did this gal do!! took the piece removed, cut in pieces, melted them flat, wrapped it around the wood end to be attached hit it with the heat, then my fingers (be careful not to burn) patting it flat, then sanding and Walla I had a new pair of circular bet I did... and they are perfect. Just as sturdy as the original a bit dark on the end sealed put perfect!!  So this is the new it's not a cowl, it's something so cool, so simple, and nearly done. I do have to tell you although it calls for circular needles to which I am not fond of, only because I tend to cast on to loose always having to move down a couple sizes to begin, and of course, with circular needles  I am not sure you can...(this one I have to explore) thus the only reason I don't like working with circulars. The colors are from a container of yarn in my from my closet. I just purchased the colors I wanted for myself to do the final one, as I am notorious for mistakes. I always have to do a project the first time and then the second is spot on... Is it just me or do you make mistakes too on the first try?

UPDATE - be sure to coat the end were you've melted the plastic cord to the wood with clear nail polish. This allows your yarn to slide over the area easy. Make sure the application of clear nail polish is a couple light coats so it's smooth.