Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Almost Reversible Shell Crochted Blanket

Okay... so I know I said I would post again until the couch was finished...Well it is, Now it's just a matter of taking time to set up the couch to photograph. Am I a photographer? Hmmm, boy it's a tough job when your not a professional. It just seems time consuming. I think I need to hire a photographer to alleviate one job I really don't like, do you?
So recently I decide to make a new blanket and found this pattern here.
The nature of crochet is leveraged in the pattern to make it, in a sense, 'reversible'. On one side, it is predominantly blue. On the other, it's predominantly orange. I edged it in a simple border of single crochets. It's a heavier baby blanket, perfect - as my mother pointed out when I showed it to her - to lay out for the baby to play on. It's soft enough, though, that it could also be used in a crib to keep the baby warm, especially in the winter.
As I'm sure you've noticed, I didn't use traditional 'baby yarn'. I have a thing against baby yarn. True, it's super soft and delicate for newborn skin. But. Pastels? Not my thing. Also, not really the thing of this baby's mom. Instead, I used Red Heart Soft yarn.
Tangerine and Sea Foam. I see orange and blue, but those are the colour names on the yarn's label. I always have a bit of a difficult time choosing yarn colours when I start a baby blanket, so I was kind of grateful that this pattern only required two - though I could have chosen to use up to four! There was the added difficulty in the fact that I have no idea of the baby's gender. Whatever, I thought. Little girls can like orange and blue too! I am a girl, and I like orange and blue. By the time I finished the blanket, any niggle of doubt that I had chosen the wrong colours was gone. 
I think this is my favorite project to date.