Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grannie Square Blanket Growing

 I have been spending a lot of quiet time adding squares to my first Grannie Square blanket, patiently waiting for spring to actually arrive.
I've also been nursing my tomato plants which are eagerly getting ready to be planted. In the mean time I will start my varieties of lettuce in the garden including arugula, which I love!
But despite the weather, crocheting my squares keeps me relaxed as the month of April for my personal life, has come in like a lion. I feel somewhat of a bizarre connection to the weather with the ups and downs.
The blanket is growing slowly despite the fact I have a issue with my left thumb. It's amazing how much you realize just what function your thumb has to your entire hand. I have been learning to use it a bit of a different way. At some point I will have surgery to remove a medium cyst just below the V between your index finger and thumb, but it goes much further down toward the base of the thumb bone. I am going to postpone the surgery even  though the pain at times is awful. In order to do anything I have to wear a black brace which covers my thumb for support of my left hand. Lifting things with my left hand is practically non existing.
At best I can do maybe two squares a week with the pain. However if you notice, there is a color I had expressed in this post, that is not one of my favorite. When I look up on a sunny day it's a gorgeous blue. Yes, I have added blue...I found two tones that are just perfect in the Cascade 220 Heathers. In fact if you go here the yarn shop is having a HUGE sale on many yarns including Cascade 220 Heather. A great time to purchase the yarn to start your own blanket. By the way aren't these two colors of blue just stunning!
Working with this yarn has been wonderful. I am not a huge fan of wool, well at least the wool I have had access to locally, a bit on the rough side. But this wool is so incredibly soft and easy to work with I am hooked, literally, hooked with a size F to make the squares.
In the mean time I will wait for May to arrive when spring actually arrives at least I am hoping, it has been known to be a bit cooler than normal in May in past years. Let's just say, I am happy to see the sun and green grass when I look out my living room window.
To all who are viewing it really makes my day to see people are at best visiting my blog, if only to take a peek. Thank you!
 UPDATE - be sure to check out my tomato section and lavender to see how they are progressing.