Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nobody's Friend - Major Pet Peeve

I came across this poem in the paper so many years ago I can not tell you how long I have held on to it, except to say...the age of the paper probably tells somewhat.
I have to say this is one of my biggest pet peeves of all time. I strongly believe gossip and judgment exist in the same realm. There is no room for either without destroying a life. My practice in this the fall of my life is to hold tight to the reins of both and keep them under control. Who am I to do either as I am not a perfect person, and have yet to find one. Perfection only exist in a single person's mind.
My goal as I am in the fall of this life and as I will move into the winter is to finish my life without either judgement nor gossip. Simply just to except and love that we are all unique whether good or bad. We all have a mixture of both.

All I know for sure in this life is that when I am alone, I only know me, and those who have lived with me. I do not know not one single person outside those who have not lived in my presence exactly who they are...therefore I have no room to speculate.
When it comes to those like Jeffery Dommer, Teddy Bundy, and now the Boston incident, all are spoke of by people who knew them as being the nicest people they knew. That alone is proof enough for me to know I do not really know anyone unless they have lived within my life.  For me to speculate is simply another form of ignorance. For me to gossip or judge is yet another form of ignorance.
I think of the 19 year old of the Boston bombings and I am truly unsettled. I did not know these men nor did I know what life they endured. I only know what they choose to do and that is was wrong.
As a human just like you reading, I can not wrap my mind around saving this 19 year old life to execute him in the end. Especially at the expense of the tax payers. I understand they are searching for answers, are there more of them, why did this happen. To me it's like everything else there truly are no whys there is simply humans with dark motives. Are there more of them sure they are all around us. A violent act of any kind is terrorism even in your own town it does exist.
For me there is nothing that is going to stop terrorism. It has been going on for decades. Even since 911 they have not stopped the biggest incidents even in Boston were security was tight. Yes, they may have a better control but it will always be there, it's a part of this life. There is good, there is evil.
It's a fact of life. So much of what was reported during the whole event as I watched it all, turned out to be gossip, stories told, and even judgement.
My reason for posting this article is just what it is...something I would like to change if even in this small arena of blogging. I can make a difference I hope you will too!
Thank you for stopping by and reading.