Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yummy Vintage Crochet Pattern Finds

Lately I've been watching the dvd Mary Tyler Moore show. It's so incredibly nice to take a trip back in time when the world made sense, before technology took over. I remember when the phone was just a phone, no caller id, nothing other than not picking it up meant you had no idea who was on the other end. And, my mother yelling "someone answer the phone" and no one wanting to move.
In watching this sitcom I noticed something very interesting. Rhoda, Mary's best friend standing in the back on the right was always wearing crocheted fashions. Poncho's, hats, ponytail covers, and more....this got me to thinking...about all those things crocheted back then that had me going I don't think so...more made the upside down crocheted dolls, dollies and potholder which seemed to be every where. I was not a huge fan back in the day of crocheted fashions.

Then as I continued to watch this dvd set and realized something I didn't then....how fashionable it can really be when worn with matching pants, shirts, etc. Lets just say Rhoda make it really appealing. What an amazing woman and actress who is currently dying of a brain tumor and dying with such a positive attitude. God Bless her in every way possible.
 I highly recommend purchasing the dvd sets, it well worth the laugh, the trip back in time and the crocheted fashion. Which leads me to this....
Today I purchased this crocheted grannie square bordered coat pattern. I am not blue fan as a decor element but I do wear the color and this coat just said, "hey you must make this" not that I don't have many unfinished items that need tending too. I just get so excited to create new things...isn't it just too addicting?
So I kept browsing and just had to pick up this pattern.
It comes in four bust sizes and just looks so cozy not to mention the purse that comes with the pattern. I can just see it done in a really soft lightweight yarn. The patterns are really a good price. So I kept browsing and came across a pattern I feel in love with immediately.
Isn't this grannie square vest just dreamy? They say it's one just like Paul McCartney's in the 60's. So far this gloomy, rainy day has turned out to be pretty darn good. Now I just have to figure out what project that currently needs finished I should pick first to complete.
I have been working my grannie square blanket and must say the only annoying thing, with all the color changes there sure are a lot of loose ends to weave in and I'm not finding it fun at all. I am going to make the blanket 2 or 3 grannie square a day until fall.
And on that note I have to ask...has anyone found spring yet?