Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Crocheted Grannie Square Keeps Growing...

Today seemed like spring has finally arrived. Sunny, warm, and the birds every where, people out and about car windows down, tee shirts, even shorts.
The grass is greener, the trees are showing signs of small green leaves. The Forest behind my apartment is rapidly filling in with greenery every where. It's the sounds that capture my attention, the sounds of life every where compared to the silent cool nights.
I though am still crocheting taking time to relax as my life is still in the lion of the storm.

 I've started sewing the squares together an eagerness to see what's to come as the blanket grows.
My left hand does a bit better with just assembling the blanket square to square.
And I try to keep crocheting more despite my left hand, but, it doesn't last as long as I'd like to enjoy.
Especially when ones life is roaring, crocheting calms the roar.
But for now I will just be content with what I can do.
Find calmness in the bits I get to make and watch some DVDs of my favorite comedies
to keep the lion at bay. And I will be proud of my very first Grannie Squares.