Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Quiet Day of Knitting

It's been a quiet day around here, the sun was shinning after a night of light snow and a couple times I heard a snow plow. March is here, although spring is close it's still nice to be knitting, soon my days will filled with farming.

 I am making another pair of the fingerless mitts from here, only in stripes.

     I like the color combination it's soothing the gray and the silver blue.

These are made using Lion Brand Vanna yarn I had left from making a blanket, well actually I started and they discontinued one color. Needless to say I do have an idea for the rest of it, but it's been sitting along time, waiting to be finished. As are many other projects. Seems as though that's the way it goes doesn't it?
These are a bit thicker and warmer than the other pair I made out of the fisherman's wool. I did them with the same stitch cast on of 34 and wished I would have made them a bit larger. I still like them a lot especially the stripe pattern. I have a nice blue coat I don't wear much and these will go nicely.

As did the my day when my son popped by to see me. I had this little guy on the counter which he was playing with, yes, he is a very inquisitive child since he was able to walk.  I said, "take it with you (implying give it to your wife) and give it someone you love." He looked up at me, handed it back, and sad there's no one I love as much as you. It doesn't get any better than that does it? When a child speaks from there heart and touches yours.
This will be among my keepsakes.