Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pet Peeve # 2 ....Plus Knitting Pattern

This new age, this new world we are living in is not only weird, but can be a bit annoying. Yes, I have another Pet Peeve. Now don't get me wrong, they don't annoy me to the point of pulling out my hair....but come on... some things are just down right ridiculous!! Eat this, don't eat it now, eat that, no forget it we found something wrong with it...I say this..just eat and forget about it!! I mean come on is that the only topics Good Morning America, and all the rest can come up with...oh wait, let's just repeat the same things over and over.....note to self, must email shows... record players are no longer used, get off the needle. Translation: it goes round and round across the record...


I mean come on...I am by far NOT a huge TV fan (oh wait... must watch Vampire Diaries and Scandal) always used for voices... since I live alone or do I? hmmmm....after all this is an old house. I only speak to the living please! I have been knitting since 6 a.m. this morning... on every talk show that has graced the same's the same thing over and over.  Don't be fat, be thin, don't be thin, put on some weight, buy this kindle HD, wait my son just bought me at Christmas the last Kindle...look she's having a baby, it's the baby bump.
Oh she says, I am so excited and scared...of what! Hey you... today they have epidurals, try squatting in a hole like a Eskimo!! How many times do I have hear how to take care of a baby or a child, come on it's been going on since the beginning of human life....It's human nature...Gee, I watched my grandson's pop out like a thermometer in a turkey and all my daughter in law said, I feel pressure.
Okay, Okay I know it's TV is all about marketing, it's selling product, etc...But hey, would someone realize there are those of us in our late 40ties and 50ties, speak to us please....not about Peri-menopause, not menopause, not condiments, not one more are you over 50ty commercial you may need health insurance, wait no... you need joint medication...Come me something new....alright, already, I'm aging..I know...but I still wanna LIVE, LEARN, LAUGH, and have FUN! Hey I have an about a knitting show, craft show, crocheting show around the clock!!
And darn it... as long as I bathe, have on clean clothes, who the he!! cares what I look like.. but me!! If life truly is short, sorry gals, I'm going out eating chocolate :0) The odds a majority of us getting national focus is 1 in probably a trillion. Not my priority. Happiness is mine and doing what I love everyday. Like spending time with my family, talking and sharing something with you!
LIKE THIS... "LORELLE" Knitted Flat - Fingerless Mitten
 There is a lady I meant, Lorelle, who is Italian at the craft store. She had on this beautiful knitted button down sweater. We got to talking and much to my surprise, she didn't use a pattern. I know there are a lot of people out there who can knit without patterns that I have always admired. Lorelle was surprised by how many people in the U.S. need to have a pattern.

Well everyone, she's been working with me by phone, via email, and I am so excited as I am learning so much. Thus I created another pattern for you that I just LOVE...with her help it's the easiest ever. If you think you can't knit a mitt, you will be surprised!  And, I named it after her. One ball will make more than one pair.

 Paton's Classic Wool (Worsted)
 U.S. 7 needles
Tapestry Needle

Gauge is not important
Stitch knowledge - Knit - Purl - Stockinette SS -M1 increase  Knit Picks has a good tutorial on M1
                                 You can adjust mitt to size/ this one fits a palm of 7 1/2 inch

Cast on 34 stitches - if you close your seam with mattress stitch cast on 35 to end on knit and work pattern including the extra stitch at the K 17 it would be K 18.

Work K1-P1 rib for 18 rows
Work SS for 4 rows

K 17, M1, K3, M1, Knit to end
Next row Purl
Work SS for 2 rows
K 17, M1, K5, M1, Knit to end
Next row Purl
Work SS for 2 rows
K 17, M1, K7, M1, Knit to end
Next row Purl
Work SS for 2 rows
K 17, M1, K9, M1, Knit to end
Next row Purl

There will be 42 stitches on your needle
Knit 28, turn work, Purl 11

Work for Both Mitts
On the 11 stitches , work k1,p1 rib for 4 more rows or until you've reached desired thumb length.
Bind off very loosely. If you bind off tightly move up a size needles.
Cut off yarn leaving about 18 inch tail for stitching up thumb from top to bottom.
After sewing thumb continue using tail pick up two stitches at base of thumb and knit to the end of row. Rejoin your ball of yarn purl row.
Work remainder of mitt for 12 rows or desired length.
Work 6 rows of K1, P1, rib bind off. Again if you tend to bind off tightly move up a size in needles.

Cast on same number as for right mitt...
K 14, M1, K3, M1, Knit to end
Next row Purl
Work SS for 2 rows
K 14, M1, K5, M1, Knit to end
Next row Purl
Work SS for 2 rows
K 14, M1, K7, M1, Knit to end
Next row Purl
Work SS for 2 rows
K 14, M1, K9, M1, Knit to end
Next row Purl

You should have 42 stitches on your needle
Knit 25, turn Purl 11
go to section WORK FOR BOTH MITTS and continue.

If you have any questions or need help simply leave a comment.

Enjoy knitting!