Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Ewe in Love

Today although dreary it was nice enough to take a walk to the store, which I loved, and picked up a few magazines. This one is a very good sign of spring, isn't it such a good feeling that it's now March? And, what a beautiful cover to display spring is around the corner.

When I opened and began to explore I saw this chair and feel in love. I am a lover of all things unique and just adore the seat area filled with flowers. Then my eyes went to the painted detail on the chair and I loved it even more....                             

This photograph delights me in so many ways.....the shelf is the seat from an old buggy, how clever.
The old mason jars, this garden table is a classic of everything reused and I love this kind of thing. It really doesn't take much to make me happy.


And this would be the perfect place for me, I adore the simplicity of all the wood the way the windows open and the door is just me...even though it's a garden shed to me it's just says home. I am in love with this particular issue....

And in the end there was actually a ewe in love...aren't they just the cutiest.... handmade by Colin Richmond in North Carolina. What a perfect end to a wonderful magazine and amazing day. To walk and enjoy the things around me beginning there journey to renew makes me grateful to be a part of it all.