Thursday, March 7, 2013

When Seasons Change....

It's been a bit since I posted but I have been busy and with the seasons changing it's time to hit the greenhouse effect, and begin ones garden. This is common lettuce I grow it inside year round so I don't have to spend money on store bought or worry about what chemicals are added.  I grow my lettuce in those store bought contains that hold ready made salads and pre cut fruits. They make great little greenhouses.

This is about 7 days later it looks a bit leggy which doesn't matter, when it gets its true leaves I simple move it to a larger container add more soil up to the leaves. I keep it in the kitchen on the fridge right under the fluorescent lights it will take off. When it's ready I simply cut off the top make my salad and it grows back. Just love it!
These are Roma Tomatoes they are also leggy which happens every year. Again I wait for the true leaves and then transplant into a plastic cup right up to the leaves and there good to go. Right now every time I pass them I take my hand back and forth over them, this strengthens the stems which in turn makes them heartier. I thought this year I would plant them in rows but I wasn't satisfied with the growth, didn't get as many as when I do this....
Last year I planted all my seedlings in the little pods that you soak in water and watch grown. I plant two or three seedling depending on what I am growing. I cut of the weaker ones. Here you're looking at butternut squash which is amazing in taste, and burp less cucumbers. I can't begin to tell you how exciting it is and rewarded when you see them pop up like these. There are new ones to the right with tomato seedlings like I did them last year. I can't begin to tell you how well they produced tomatoes. I was very pleased.
So again this year I am trying my hand again with this little guy, one of the toughest of all to grow. They are so picky and need a lot of attention. Last year I had 6 make it to two true leaves and then just died. So I did a lot of research, this is lavender a tough little seedling that requires more light then I knew last year. I have 10 breaking ground as you can see it's beginning to make it's entrance out the dirt. And this year they are getting lots and lots of light. Wish me luck!

Doing this  around this time every year takes me away from creating for a week or two until they get settled. Once they all get there true leaves I will be able to relax and get back to knitting which I miss horribly. It's so relaxing and the finished product like a plant popping out of the soil, is just so satisfying.

I can tell you this...tonight I am beginning a new project that I am excited about. I should be able to show you in a few days. They are just too adorable. Kinda wondering now aren't you? Don't you just hate it when someone tells you that? It's like saying I have a secret but I can't tell anyone. Drives me nuts when people do that, doesn't it you too?