Saturday, April 29, 2017

Colors Everywhere


Spring oh, how I love you. Today the rain is feeding the many roots that lie beneath the ground.

To explode in to something wonderful, remember making a wish...all you have to do is close your eyes, blow, and think real hard, let your wish fly. Please don't pour chemicals on these, the yard is for nature, your children and so much more...

Colors seem to be everywhere gone unnoticed through the winter months, what a gorgeous color a simple street light.

As are these buttons, all these colors just say warm....Caron Simply Soft, colors, Ocean, Pumpkin, and Robin's Egg.

My neighbor's tulips are gorgeous...I believe this is my favorite color of all the tulips they speak to me with there beauty. 

I nearly finished this last night, didn't think to calculate the figures for yarn. I love the way it's turning out. I will post the pattern for you soon. Just need to take time, what a word, time, how does one ever have enough. I will get to it, just need a break for awhile, to crochet, knit and relax. Yeah know, sometimes life takes us in a direction we don't expect...its times like these when I just create that help me realize what I have learned in those moments. Thank you, dear friends, from all over the world, for stopping by there is a Tah-Dah moment approaching.