Wednesday, March 1, 2017


There are days that don't always seem to go as planned, actually, it's not planned at all. I am having one of those days...where I feel like I am a feather just blowing with the wind, not really going anywhere kind of just stuck there... on the couch looking out the window a cloudy, about ready to rain sort of view. The wind is whirling the trees bending, the American Flags are just whipping all around in the air as they hang on by a mere string.
Life is not always peaches and cream, I know that, yet, it doesn't seem to I am sad. Yes, I do have sad days...just like everyone else. Days where when I wake up things just seem to start out on the wrong foot. Like today, a bad dream, my cat, Bella, seems unsettled she hates when I am not home for a couple days...yet I can't take her with me...even if I could she's an indoor cat, doesn't take kindly to the outdoor goings on...I just turned to look out the window the sun just peeked through, the storm seems to have gone around us. Thunderstorm... on March first, wow, seems nearly impossible the weather as been so kind to us this very kind. How can it be I am having a rough day!
I try to remind myself it happens, the little girl in me today, seems to want to run home, remember when we were little and felt sad, or was hurt...running home felt so good...only now at this age home isn't there anymore. 
Today is a day where that little girl wants to do just that...wants to settle in her mom or dad's arms or lap and just hang it's just to reach out and have someone or something touch you, tell you, everything is going to be okay tomorrow. Sure, I know that... still the same... right now... it would feel good. Bella, is only cuddly on her terms she has to make the connection and that's okay, I understand her. At times like this I wish there was someone who could understand me.  Yes, someone, like maybe the new birds Thelma and Louise after the movie of course. My best friend and I took on those names when the movie came out, I suppose a lot of females did, it was a great movie. If you haven't seen it, get it, well worth the time. 
I thank the Internet and especially Blogger for giving those like me an outlet to express myself. It helps it really least... for me. Thank you too... for all who pop in and read my blog everyday, it gives someone who lives alone a place to visit others...even though you're not here at my home.
Have a Blessed Evening or Day where ever you are in the World.
Thank you, again.