Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Crocheting and Photography Days

Robins are a big sign of Spring here in Ohio especially the North East were winter has been so kind to us. They have been showing up in abundance. At least, I hope we get through March the same as February, Mother nature has blessed us. This looks like a bit of a young one. I just love seeing these birds who eat nothing but worms it seems.
Speaking of these lovely birds since I feed the ones outside..I really don't have a clear view to watch them feed, I decided to bring them inside.

 These little Budgies or as we call them Parakeets are new to my home. I just love the sound of nature and these guys sure do squawk when they decide too. Yet it is so incredibly awesome to hear simply fascinating. 

As is Cascade 220 yarn one of my favorite yarns by far...well...there are others, do I have to list them all. Oh, gosh, I think I will stay with Cascade since I am currently working a project with this beautiful yarn.

 I am working a pattern by The Velvet Acorn on Etsy. I do wish people would work the patterns before giving a feedback on just the looks of the pattern and project. This particular one had some difficulties in the written pattern itself. I really had to rewrite it my way to understand some of the pattern. I notice this one called Rivelyn is a bit to understand. No term definition which would be difficult for a beginner or a bit experienced. I noticed in her feedback those who have completed patterns before the review had to contact the owner for help. Not sure if she does this to market contact with customers or the patterns just don't explain terms that most may require. Either way, once the pattern is adjusted I do have to say, I like them.