Thursday, March 9, 2017


This cute little guys I came across on Pinterest that lead to a pattern in French. I really enjoy Pinterest with the exception of a lot of patterns being in foreign languages or directed to some advertisement or another site that has nothing to do with the image. Today that's my big pet peeve, it seems. Clicking and opening a page with not one darn thing to do with the image. What is up with's like calling on the phone in this day and many prompts to listen too...pick one...and then they go to another. Feels like the world is full of automated voices. Help, someone just please answer the phone, are ya hearing me? Dang it those things drive me nuts...who's got time to listen to all that, I mean really, it's so darn frustrating. Can you tell, as I am laughing, thinking, wow, I think I hit a nerve. One of my own, well heck, it is annoying.
So, yes I manage to spend hours turning this into an English pattern, with lots of time involved. Now I just have to try the pattern and write it properly hoping it comes out fine. Oh, why do I feel like this is going to be a task. Well, at best I hope not. 
I am still working the Rivelyn Pattern by The Velvet Acorn it has been ripped out started over more times than I care to count. I am using Cascade 220 Superwash, so love this yarn, and in black changed my mind on the color from the last post about my progress. Black is sure one color this gal's eyes has trouble knitting or crocheting. But, I march forward...with hook in hand... as soon as they are complete...and there is that word many patterns so little time. Oh, and once I get this pattern right...I will post the translation...only because it's a free pattern.
Thank you for popping by...have a beautiful day.