Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Crochet Tah Dah...

Finally I finished this set by "The Velvet Acorn" it was a bit confusing as written, however, once I took pen to paper and wrote it out it was awesome. 

I used Cascade 220 Superwash worsted weight, but fear, with the weather warming a bit I should have done this set earlier. Then again Mother Nature tends to do what she pleases until the end of April.

Here is the reason for the set being black...she will be three next month and biting my fingernails hoping it fits. They grow so fast at the Toddler stage and rightly so I should have worked this up faster as I've had the outfit awhile. I have just had so much trouble motivating so far this year. I sort of fell backwards on my finishing projects. There is a reason though, life seems to change so fast, one never knows what each day will bring. Sadly, a week ago a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with
aggressive cancer at 67. People seem to think that age is old especially the younger, I myself felt the same way, when I was young. The older we get and closer we get to 50/60 years of age it really seems quite young. It has hit me right at the heart, this person is a dear, dear, friend, and I have been helping them. My father passed of cancer in 1986 at the age of 67 while I was pregnant with my daughter...he so wanted me to have a girl. I tried so hard to get the ultrasound to show the baby was indeed a girl. Sadly, it never showed, so I told him yes it was...thank goodness it turned out to be...at least I know it made him happy and was not a little white lie...opps! So, there you have it the tah-dah moment which is so awesome such a sense of accomplishment. I just love creating new things.