Thursday, March 16, 2017

Emma's Gloves

It's late I know....I always pop in never knows when I will post...that's the beauty of being spontaneous and loving the idea of living life on my own terms. Okay, so there are rules to follow in life...stay inside the lines...I know, I know....however, the beauty of being an Empty Nester...I can live my own personal life on my terms and that's amazing about age. It's been a tough month, a tough week, a tough time making these gloves. I literally kept tearing them out over and over and would not believe how many times. Thank goodness I am not a one time with age I am so over it...I keep pushing forward and loving it...especially this beautiful yarn. Cascade 220 Superwash has my vote every time. Easy to work, love the stitch definition, and it's kid friendly.

These are for Emma, my grand daughter, one of the three grand babies that is turning three, in May.
Imagine three turning three...all three of my older kids had babies at the same time. So cool! I will be adding buttons not sure if these are the ones. Actually may not have enough of it's off to the fabric shop to find the right ones. In the meantime...I am working the head band that will match this set. As far as the color choice there is a reason behind the madness. Once you see the Tah Dah moment it will all make sense. Thank you for popping in on this spontaneous, late, post.