Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Life Goes On...

Being 61 is not nearly as bad as most people's all about your way of viewing life and what you think of yourself and keeping stress as low key as possible...and yes this is me at 61. Wow, who would have thought 61..not me.

I am finding my passion to be the camera...finding it to be a reality may have taken time

yet hey...better late then they say and it's true.

Knitting is my second passion and that's okay with me. It's nice to find in our winter years just what life has taught us. A journey it is...some good...some not so...yet the not so's are the most important times...they teach us valuable lessons...more valuable of all...even though they are the toughest. Hang on when going through them, even if they last for will find something that changes your life. It's worth it all...from me to you thank you...even though no one comments I am settled just knowing you view.