Thursday, January 26, 2017

Two Drawer Makeover Part 1

Hello dear readers, yes, popping in again spontaneously. Hoping all are having a good week thus far the weekend is not far off for a bit of relaxing if in winter area's....actually weekends are just all around amazing...I have been dabbling in many different materials lately. Actually the move has still got me a bit unsettled both emotionally and spiritually. I feel a bit unbalanced by it all..for some reason when we age we think or feel things should get calmer and easier during changes. For me I thought it would be... never did I think it would leave me feeling as I do. Then again I am a very sensitive person and tend to absorb life like a sponge. That is I feel nearly everything going on around  me in life and even from those close to me. I also find as I get older the less people in general I interact with personally the better off I am. It just seems there have been so many issues and problems in the World too, I am sure I am not the only one who has felt or noticed it. I don't really know where we are headed in this World I only hope it's better than it has been. I know, I know, everyone seems to be talking about it so yes I will stop.

I found a couple drawers that belonged to an old bathroom counter which was sadly beyond repair..not much one can do with plywood that is way beyond handy as I am at working with tools and building furniture...there was nothing I thought would help. So, I took these two adorable little drawers and cut them down.

Bare with me as I do settle my spirit get back on track to knitting and a bit of crocheting. Sitting still right now is not good for a gal like me... mind just doesn't shut down and it's not on creative things right now. 
So...back to the drawers...I plan on sealing the holes tonight where the handles settled. I am sure by now most are thinking okay seen this time and again on Pinterest...I hear ya...Pinterest is a site I do love to troll, however, I love it more for yarn ideas and patterns. It's funny when I think of Pinterest or for that the Internet I go back in my mind to the days where none of this existed. Craft supplies where hard to find, basically one had just a department store to try and find something. Now it seems its available everywhere and makes it tough to do original things. But, I have not plan here...did you expect to hear one? Nope not this gal...when it comes to reworking items making them into something new...I tend to go with the flow...let my mind take it day by day where it want the item to go...hence the drawers. I kind of have something in mind...but knowing will take on a life of it's own. This is part 1 of the drawer project...stay tuned in as they take on whatever they are meant to be other their original design. In the meantime keep creating and watch ABC tonight the girl's are back...Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating aka Scandal and How to get away with Murder...Love, love, love these shows...Thanks for popping in Blessings to all.