Monday, February 13, 2017

Crocheted What?

Okay, so I believe I started this last year in Vanna White yarn, which I really don't care for I like premium yarns...but hey...this was a test pattern. Its a 12 month sweater which I just managed to set the sleeves. The stitch is quite boring and I am one who is not truly fond of crocheting, go back to the years when I was young, okay let's not...but I will anyway. Crocheted items than were awful it made it creepy..the yarn seemed to have had more of a plastic feel. It's what turned me to knitting, oh yeah, I couldn't believe how awful the crocheted items appeared. Although today they seem a bit fresher maybe it's the stitch patterns or the designer.

Currently I am adding the off white edging to finish it off and then making a hat to coordinate..although the weather we've been having is a bit screwy. Warm then it snows everything melts back to square one...we've been very blessed this winter and yes I am grateful, however, I am so looking forward to the rebirth in spring.
Oh yeah, the two little drawers I have painted black so far and distressed a bit...still waiting to see what my mind comes up with...I never know although it's generally a good thing.
Have a great day my sweet lovelies...thank you for stopping by.