Friday, February 24, 2017

Yup It's Late...This is Life

So here we go...this is me, today, this is life at 61 the new 61 as some would say, yet it's life. Everyday we live we get up and begin the present working toward the future, leaving the past behind. All happens in one day, the past, present, and future in just one small day, we reflect back to the past the moments before the day ends. What did we do, what did we accomplish, witness, was there a miracle somewhere in those three moments? We are told to forget, let go of the past, so we can move on in the future...the past comes with scars, some so deep they leave behind trails...scents, sounds,  words, trigger there presence. The past never leaves us, it rest somewhere in our subconscious, or stays within scars upon our skin, it lets us feel it's presence, every moment it raises it's head, makes us aware...simply depends on how we choose to receive it...So they say.

Even at 61 there is so much to learn, to feel, to see, to witness, to experience. Even at 61 problems still exist, drama finds your life, it's simply a bit harder to deal with, the ups and downs get somewhat
 tougher to climb. What makes the difference is how well you adapt, how well you know yourself makes all the difference in the world. For without knowing, truly knowing yourself, the good, the bad, and the ugly,  life's hits get tougher. With age we loose the ability to cope, we are wiser yes (one should listen to the older we know a lot more than you think)...we have a lot to teach if you just will be simpler for you at 61.... we all are weakening with every year that passes that's a fact. It's why elders have so little patience are so bold and outspoken, those are the tired ones....those are the ones giving up letting age take over...yes, I have problems, yes drama finds me, yes there are still life challenges, complication just like you. Only they are different now... when they present themselves, I am wiser, more educated by life experience which makes all the difference. Not long ago my oldest son told me this..."mom, you need to learn to choose your battles." what a wise child some are early in life. I learned a lot in just that statement. A whole lot!

As I sit here typing this post, I end with this...I look at the people here in the United States and have realized this....we are a culture of self involved with our own lives. If it feels good we'll do it, if not we want no part. We choose everything, we demand, who, what and when things will happen that we can control. We demand special treatment in all area's of our lives that we can control..who enters, how we demand to be treated and heaven forbid if they don't...we walk away, we divorce leave behind children, have sex...because it feels good anything that feels good we want regardless of the consequences and when those consequences are tough, we blame anything and anyone but this world today we simple choose ourselves over everything else. For me, I choose not to be like that if I am anymore...I choose life, I choose people, I choose to do what God has ask us to do, help each other, unconditionally without hesitation or judgement.
Some would say, "well, what about me, what about finding myself, treating myself good." I say, "life will do the adjustment for you, it will make you aware of what you need to do with everything it puts you through, the good, the bad, and the ugly, you will learn, you will continue to grow into yourself. Life will make sure you do.
So no, I do not believe I am 61, that is just a number... for if I was not told I would not know what that number meant. Should there be eternal life..61 sure is pretty young...don't you think. I do.