Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Keeping the Peace

Okay so I hear it a lot lately that men have to tolerate there spouse and they really aren't happy, yet the spouse has no clue. This really hits me wrong...why on earth would someone do things they don't want to do just to keep the peace. I have countless stories of men who claim, even my own son, that they agree or just shut up when the wife speaks. I can't imagine living like that, what would be the point. Yet in my poll recently in my area it's happening all the time. Isn't that kind of deceitful do
these same men get together with other men and complain or make jokes about it. I am just mind boggled that people in relationships actually do this...what does that say about the relationship one has...how can it even be a relationship when you don't even really speak for yourself. I am not one who sits back and takes the daily patronizing I am just not built that way.

A dear friend of mine has been married 20 years she called me tonight. This situation is the other way around her spouse get furious if she speaks negative. He will ask her what's going on in your head, why would you want to think that way do you think before you speak. I am sorry but I have told her that is emotional and or verbal abuse to me. Not everyone is positive all the time yet he continues to ask her about her mental state. To top it off she suffers from clinical depression and is bipolar 1. She called me tonight from Michigan crying he again says you're negative all the time is this the real you can't you help yourself. Now... mind you she is in therapy a bit over a month now yet she is suppose to change, and her depression increases in the winter. He told her no one wants to be around a negative person...okay...so I told her pack his stuff or your's and hit the road...leave as fast as you can and don't look back. To me that is down right wrong and not only abusive but bullying. I suppose that's why I remain unattached. No I know that's why I do. What kind of person is that...I say one that is controlling, manipulating, and does not love her...because if he did...he would not say the things I typed above. He constantly will ask her do you think before you speak..I would answer hell no...your not worth the brain cells. But that's just me and I totally understand that everyone is different. Another thing he does..every time they have a conversation he says this..it's always about her." Well hell the girl is depressed what does he want whistles and bells. Excuse me for some of the language but I shoot from the hip. I say what I think... So come on chime on in and let me know your opinion on all this an hold nothing back.