Monday, September 14, 2015

Awesome Way to Crochet a Blanket

As much as I love to crochet granny squares it's the dreaded collecting and putting them all's so overwhelming! Which makes me stray from making these blankets although I must admit...I'm really not fond of the holes that remain throughout...I prefer a tight crocheted blanket for warmth...than again I can handle doing a continuous crochet it really makes things easier.
The weather is cooling down and making it so yummy for creating...the only problem...I keep finding more and more things I want to do or try. I guess one would have to stay awake for quite awhile to get it all done.
I've spoken about my neighbor in the past who is 85 and continental knits...she can put out a sweater or a knitted blanket in just 3 days often under. I have also spoke of how I am learning the continental way...let me tell's not easy. I find myself going back to the English way without even thinking about neighbor laughs...says...why do you want to swing the yard all the way around....and I repeat every time it's the way I taught myself. It's often hard to change ones ways... and as they say practice is all it takes...okay...I get someone explain to me how my hands just automatically keep going back to English knitting. Habit I know....
With all that said...the garden is done for the really didn't bring much due to this strange weather we've had the past two seasons. The lavender took a beating...the moles ate most of my squash...I don't believe I've ever seen so many moles. Next season I will be ready for those little buggers...Ha Ha guys.
To is the link to the continuous crocheted blanket...I am going to try my best to fit one in this winter...will see how it the meantime try one yourself it sure beats stitching them together one at a time.