Wednesday, September 16, 2015

3 Year Old Shot and Killed Cleveland Ohio

Last night in Cleveland, Ohio this small 3 year old they call Major Howard, was shot in the chest in a drive by shooting while riding in the car with his mother.
His Uncle released a video on his Facebook page that said it all...

I grew up back in the late 50's early 60's when black and whites were separated and hanging out with a black person was taboo... frowned upon. I remember in junior high, when we had, the first blacks in our school. I never quite understood the whole mess from my own point of view...sure I knew what was going on..yet...I never let it affect me or shape my opinion. For me... humans was what we all where... trying to make our way... through our own journey... was all.

My best friend, Dee, in our freshman year pulled me aside at our lockers and told me she was in love with a guy at our school. They had been exchanging notes in a classroom, of course, I was curious rightly so we were young. I recall her leaning over and whispering, he is black what do you think. Would you think less of me...I remember responding color knows no love... only the heart does. 
Its not my place to judge anyone for who they care about in life. Yet it something we seem to do all the time. I read it on social media, I hear it on television, at the store, nearly everywhere now with all the technology. And, I am understanding and yet baffled at the same time.

Haven't we come far enough from centuries ago to take off the blinders and look at each other as humans, struggling with the same problems, the same goals in life...simply to live the best life we can...and raise a family as we go.
I see blacks getting shot by whites and Jesse Jackson, Reverend Sharpton of the NAACP always rallying around these shootings...and I think...its them, its their own views, from growing up in the 40's and 50's, its those kind of people who continue to fuel the fire of hate. It's those who think like them that cause little lives to be taken in a simple pull of a trigger.

Everyone tells me people kill people not guns...everyone tells me if they didn't have a gun they'd find another way to kill someone. Quite frankly I am tired of hearing it all. I don't care if guns do kill people and I don't care if they can find another way. All I know is this...that little boy in that photo would be alive if a gun was not involved. And listen up people...I don't care to hear either..well if they take away are rights to guns...they will still find a way to purchase them illegally. I say this...make it so hard to get a gun that people literally have to go through a file of crap just to get one.
If child support can take a license and stop someone from driving by.. all means..we need tighter stricter gun laws...and those who say it won't matter...well...ask all those sitting in jail for not paying simple child has to be done. Pack a gun go to jail it's that simple..stop putting those in jail and taking up space that's better used on people with lethal weapons. Marijuana folks is not a lethal weapon and I lived in the era when it was massive.

HERE IS WHAT I SAY TO THE RIGHT TO BARE ARMS...its old school not up to date with the world and needs to be Amended. 

My son in law is a Police Officer in on black crime is outrageous he says...yet we seem to focus solely on white on black killings. It needs to stop...when I think of blacks this is what comes to mind. There ancestors before them would be so disappointed in the actions of those today...they went through so much to get where they are let things like this happen. At times I find myself going..blacks I can't stand it...and what is it I can't stand...their attitudes today, they're feed views of how it was for there ancestors. The past is where it belongs in the's time to create a new future a new outlook that we are all simply human. Teach children that color is in a box of crayons only and from those crayons comes beautiful art. Whenever I see a child pick up a brown, black or white crayon...they draw trees, and clouds is all.
 And Major Howard, would be alive...listen to his Uncle speak it's heart touching and to the point. Prayers and thoughts to all. May his mother find peace in such a senseless loss.