Friday, August 7, 2015

Babies are the Best!

Say hello to my new grandson, Henry Michael, born 7/14, isn't he just beautiful!

Henry with his mom and dad the day after birth. My daughter, Dannon, who is a radiographer, and her hubby, Aaron, who is an ex Marine Sharpshooter, did 3 tours at the beginning phase of the Iraq War. Is now a Police Officer in a big City located in Ohio.

Both their boy's together...William is the one in the photograph on the left side of the blog, wearing the little owl sac and hat after he was born....with his new brother Henry...who was born with some health issues. He has bilateral kidney reflux clearly shows in the right kidney, which means the urine back flows from the bladder back in to the kidney... along with a duplicate right kidney. I am not sure what all that means....I do know he has been on antibiotics since birth. From what I know it looks like surgery is clearly in the near future, along with surgery to his eye ducts which didn't fully develop to open them. We are all praying for Henry.
William is certainly enjoying his new little brother is bonding with him very well.

And what a handsome little guy, Henry is, I just love this photograph. It was a preview of what's to come. I can't wait to see them all. Be still my heart ...I am in love!