Monday, July 27, 2015

Popcorn and they say Crochet!

I was visiting a neighbor, Joann last week, when she ask me if I had seen her grand daughters rainbow afghan. Of course, I said no...I had no idea Joann worked with yarn until this conversation. Organized as she is her craft room had a shelf of binders filled with knitting and crochet patterns, all in plastic covers. 
Out popped a white one right to a section with a beautiful rainbow crocheted page from 1982 which was quite awhile ago. She gave me the pattern to copy, and, of course, on my way home I thought...hmmm...wonder if it's on the internet. Sure enough someone had posted the same page from the magazine. I really don't think there is nothing one can't find on the internet. It seems anything one wants to know is right here in front of us. Kind of cool and scary at the same time. I think sometimes what's going to happen someday when all the electric just quits. What is everyone going to will everyone survive? For me it will be easy...I'm simple, old school...capable of fending for myself in many ways. Yet, I still can't help but wonder...Luckily working with yarn keeps one busy and relaxed. 

So walla, this is the afghan when finished which truly is gorgeous, sadly, I don't know who the designer was but they did an amazing job...don't you think? Joann is currently switching the pattern to a knitting and I can't wait to see what she has done. I plan on visiting this week to see how it's working out. I will be posting an update.

In the meantime I am going back and forth from knitting to crocheting. I am partial to knitting so I am sure this blanket will take quite awhile. But, that's okay, it will give me something to do all winter long...Winter...Arg..did I just type Winter!!