Thursday, June 11, 2015

Learning the Natural Ways

What a beautiful day as summer makes it way to us. I have found it to be so incredibly delicious in so many ways.  I've walked the woods nearly daily, dug up small new trees and wild roses to replant in the yard. There is really no need to purchase these things when nature produces them for us...luckily in our area the owner of the woods lets us walk along and inside anytime we wish. It's truly amazing. I've been visiting with my neighbors mother in law who is 85 and still gardening, pulling weeds,
cutting down I always say age is simply a number, it truly is, I can't express that enough.
Joann (who is 85) has a huge handmade pond that houses fish and a bull frog she calls, spotty even hand feeds him worms. The way all nature around her shows how much they love her is amazing, birds etc, live in no fear of her and hang around her all the time. I have learned so much from this elderly woman whom I have come to adore. How milkweed is so important to Monarch butterflies and other species...I've even learned so many different bird species that I can now recognize on my own. Sadly we don't seem to appreciate our elderly especially the baby boomers and above, we have so much knowledge to share, simple yet important. Joann also educated me on all the natural plants she's has in her yard that help cure, and aide us humans, over all the chemicals in products we use today. Its no wonder there generation seems to have lived way into there 90's and often 100's. I want to know, I want to pick her mind daily, I want to recognize trees and plants and know what each does for us and wildlife. 
The lavender is doing well I've begun the cutting process to the drying. I am making the soaps for the shop and even quality essential oils you can purchase. I learned so much about essential oils, bases, and herbs from a long time friend of mine, Kim, who's basement has been filled with natural cures since I've known her...she treated all her children naturally, no synthetic man made medicines. She truly is amazing, so I will be adding a lot of that to the shop too. I know it's taking awhile I had no idea what it took to get a shop up and running I apologize for that, so hang in there, I am working on it daily. Have a beautiful day, enjoy the weather wherever you may be.