Monday, June 15, 2015

Everything is Blooming

A weird and busy summer...rare birds (male house finch) clouds, than rain, than sun...all day everyday. It's hard to pick a moment when there is enough time outside to do anything, before a cloud burst. I look forward to the sunny days to hang laundry outside where are they I think, what is mother nature doing...all beautiful, yes. The lavender is gorgeous and the wands are so much fun to make and smell awesome. Because I have so many varieties of lavender it blooms pretty much all summer long and is a favorite among the bees and the neighbors. Sometimes I sneeze... due to ending up right in the middle cutting away, as I am, surrounded by mounds of lavender. It's truly very relaxing to be in the field. Things are moving along I just made the first round of Organic Lavender Hydrosol  and it smells amazing...refresh your face, spray on your bedding, through the air. This lavender is infused so nicely the smell is not over bearing at all. I've also made some soap of lavender which must set for a bit as it's all entirely organic. My daughter is due to have her second son in July and has gone everything organic since the birth of William. We had such a great time a week ago at the park with my William (the one on the left side of the blog in the gray cocoon and hat) what a delightful character he has...and always smiling. Boy, does he love his mommy. In all summer has been great thus far...just a little bumpy. I suppose maybe mother nature has periods of menopause too!