Sunday, May 31, 2015

Making Progress with Shop

Production for our Lavender products has begun...this hand soap is amazing the scent is that of Lavender Bulgarian, a very soft fragrance which does not contain near as much menthol, making it an easier scent for those who are sensitive to Lavender. The older I become I find myself sensitive to many scents...this one is for those with the same sensitivity. So finally we are on track and moving forward. We are also adding natural oils that will not only moisturize your skin, add elasticity, and will penetrate your skin almost immediately without any oily residue. Have a grand baby or a baby yourself, we are even offering a Lavender Baby Oil...which contains Watermelon Seed oil that contains no mineral oil and will not clog the babies sensitive skin..simply soften. It's also great for adults. The Labels will be similar to our display photograph only will contain our logo

I've also decide to photograph some of the long ruffled pillow cases outside on the clothesline. Lay a blanket and photograph in other ways....there is much work left in finishing the bedroom and would like to get things rolling a bit sooner. The weather I hope begins to change, we've had much rain and lots of cooler weather lately. I think we've been a bit spoiled with the warmer temperatures earlier in the month, which makes it hard to adjust to the cooler weather that just came our way.

I simply wanted to keep you posted, to let you know, I am working on everything daily. Again make sure to follow along things will be sold on first come bases...everything will be listed as completed.
Have a wonderful's nearly June. Enjoy!