Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tea Towel Crochet Pattern for Spring

 Spring is here although a bit cool off and on it's nice to see all the grass green and robin's posing everywhere. Things are blooming which means we have about another couple weeks here in Ohio before the tree buds actually become leaves. Yet it's a start and it's one of my favorite times of year. Everything is new and fresh, the air feels clean with a smell of a freshly opened sea breeze candle, clothes hanging out floating through the breeze. Ah, the smell is marvelous, inhale it all, and exhale it out, cleansing the body of it's dust that lingers through the winter...and with that a bit of trivia... the American Robin is the first bird to sing in the morning and the first to lay eggs to hatch in the spring. Although my favorite birds are the yellow Finch, the Oriole, and of course, who doesn't love the dainty little Hummingbird. I must not forget the Crow, yes the Crow, amazing how intelligent this bird is...and how observant of humans. 
I've been knitting away at Emma's Blanket too which seems as though it's going on and on as if to say, this is your year project. Oh, I hope not, as Emma's first birthday is about 3 weeks away. Oh please, I say to the needles, move just a bit faster as my finger begin to tire. It really does seem like it's taking longer than any other blanket I have knitted. Speaking of which I really love knitting blankets. I am so creative, it's really takes a lot for me to focus on knitting sweaters and such. I've added a pattern below which I translated from Dutch and made a couple myself. As I have written it, it may be a bit hard to understand as I didn't really have time to put much thought into it. I am quite sure those who crochet at an intermediate level will understand. I will make a point hopefully in the upcoming week to put together a tutorial for everyone. In the meantime enjoy spring!
P.S. the little gray blanket with pink flowers I found on a French blog. I will translate and list the instructions hopefully this week...gee...I just realized I am putting a lot on my schedule in the upcoming week.

UPDATE- as a photographer at one time for "Olan Mills Portrait Studio" I am now taking my photographing to another level, learning more as I move forward. If you'd like to see what I have done so far please visit my facebook page "Under The Moon Photography"

Light Blue and White Tea Towels (English Terms)
Dimensions: 33 x 50 cm. 12" by 19"  Materials for 2 towels:  5 balls of light blue and 5 balls of off-white from Drops. Quality: 100% cotton. 50 g balls Crochet hook: G-6 Note: Each row reversed with 1 ch. Contrast color is written in brackets.The pattern seems to the yarn not in use, due to the upper edge of the underlying row, to again use (place yarn along the edge of the previous row, crochet over it). When using color 2 sc in new colors as follows: Insert hook in next st, yo, pull through (2 loops on hook), take the contrasting color, and pull through the two loops. Wrap the yarn ends when initiating a new row.

1. row chain 56  + 1 turn-ch with the background color. 
2nd-3rd row: 1 sc in each sc.
 4th row: 5 dc (4 dc), 10 dc (4 dc), 10 dc (4 dc), 10 dc (4 dc), 5 dc. 
5th row: 4 dc, (6 sc), 8 sc, (6 sc), 8 sc, (6 sc), 8 sc, (6 dc), 4 dc. 
6th-9th rows: 3 dc (8 dc), 6 dc (8 dc), 6 dc (8 dc), 6 dc (8 dc), 3 dc.
 10th row: Crochet as 5th row
11th row: Crochet as 4th row
12th-13th row: Crochet as 2nd-3rd row.
 14th row: (2 dc), 10 dc (4 dc), 10 dc (4 dc), 10 dc (4 dc), 10 dc, (2 dc). 
15th row: (3 dc), 8 sc, (6 sc), 8 sc, (6 sc), 8 sc, (6 sc), 8 sc, (3 dc). 
16th-19th row: (4 dc), 6 dc (8 dc), 6 dc (8 dc), 6 dc (8 dc), 6 dc (4 dc). 
20th row: Crochet as 15 row.
 21st row: Crochet as 14 row. 
22 and 23rd row: Crochet as 2nd-3rd row. 
24 row: Crochet 4th-23rd row.
Strap: 4 sc in the middle at the top. Crochet a total of 15 cm straight up with sc. Fold it in half, and sew end fixed.